Sunday, December 16, 2007


The second annual Moby Dick Turtlenog party was a complete success. After months of stressing and a long week of cleaning and setting up, it all came together about ten minutes after it was supposed to start on Saturday night. The turnout was great, including a nice cameo of a few family members who immediately said after walking in "it looks like mom in here" (referring to the decorations; I am my mother's son).

The party went through about twelve cartons of eggnog and other than my fire hazards strategically placed all over the house in the form of candles on plates filled with dry pine needles (I went around Provo yesterday afternoon chopping branches off trees in public parks. The police will get me later) we were all safe.

There were no fires, other than the one in the fireplace which kept the place nice and toasty. We also had some technology set up that's about twenty years ahead of me (I'm still fascinated with the five function calculator) that allowed us to take pictures with different backgrounds. Still have no idea how it works. The pictures you see of Alyssa, Nancy and I with Santa Clause are the result of that technology; so no, sadly, while it may look rather realistic, Santa was actually not in the picture with us.

It is so time for next years Turtlenog party.


  1. Sounds like fun! I hope I get an invitation next year. :)

  2. I'm so glad it went well, and that the decoration committee was succesful even without its number one (me) supervisor. That's more eggnog than last year. Progress, gentlemen. I wore my christmas turtleneck several times this season whilst I missed you all. Way to hang out in Central America. Me too.