Messing with People

On this page I give you a list of posts in which people are messed with. I conveniently provide this for those who don't want to have to dig through other posts of me talking about my feelings, slap bracelets, and my cats' weddings to find the only thing they are interested in here. Also, please like the Stranger Facebook page for Messing with People updates. Enjoy.

Tickling Texts

Yahoo! Answers XV

Yahoo! Answers XIV

Yahoo! Answers XIII

Fan Mail

Yahoo! Answers XII

Hippie School Emails

Emails with a Tickler

Disneyland Emails II

Disneyland Emails

Is Jon Really a Common Name?

Yahoo! Answers XI

College Admissions Emails

L'viv Surprise

April Fools' Day

Messing with People on Tinder

Cuddle Texts

Wedding Planner Emails

PTA Emails

Yahoo! Answers X

Emails With A Polygamist

Yahoo! Answers IX

Yahoo! Answers VIII

Couchsurfer Emails III

Couchsurfer Emails II

Couchsurfer Emails

Yahoo! Answers VII

TMZ Emails

Cat Owner Emails

Yahoo! Answers VI

Grandma Georgia Emails

Cat Birthday

Snuggie Texts, One Year Later

Relationship Advice Emails

Yahoo! Answers V

Grandma's Status Updates

Turkey Emails

Yahoo! Answers IV

Hair Salon Emails

Massage Emails

Yahoo! Answers III

Book Club Emails

Storage Unit Emails

Emails With Amy

Soul Sister Texts

Kitty Texts

Yahoo! Answers II

Texts With A 12 Year Old

Emails with an Exhibitionist

Yahoo! Answers

Snuggie Texts, Part II

Snuggie Texts

Emails From Craigslist, Part II

Emails From Craigslist


  1. Instead of doing all the things on my to-do list, I have been crying with laughter (as silently as possibly because my kids are napping) while reading your posts. You are hilarious.

  2. FUNNIEST THING EVER! MY FREAKING FACE HURTS! You have made my slow friday at work actually entertaining (not that downtown ogden isn't already), but still you won for the day.

  3. Just discovered this Blog after a friend of mine posted the Snuggie Texts thread on Facebook. PRICELESS! I can already tell this is gonna be site I will be visiting frequently. :)

  4. I should not be reading these at work. I'm at the front desk of a public office. And, not only is the door open, but there is a LARGE glass window right beside me. I get the strangest looks as I laugh, hysterically, at your blog. I don't think covering my face as I lower my head to my desk helps disguise my loss of decorum.

    **I meant to post this on the home page but was so confused from laughing so much, I posted it to a specific blog entry rather than addressing the whole blog**

  5. My daughter and I had to pick ourselves up off the floor after reading your Snuggie texts!! She was laughing and crying at the same time. How's Palau?

  6. You're pretty funny, though sometimes you tend to ramble on. I can handle that. Let's go on MTV's new Catfish show and be internet in love. I'm a good cook, and I'll never let you drown of starvation.

    Spoiler--- I am not this witty in person.

  7. Hahah! Well. It's 12:14 PM, and I still haven't started my homework. And it's all your fault. Thanks a lot!
    No, seriously, thanks a LOT! You made my day.

  8. Amazing! :) Stumbled across your snuggie texts with Jane, love it. Keep doing what you are doing, this is hilarious :)

  9. Yeah, this made my day.
    I actually saw one of your yahoo questions a few months ago. I have a friend who just looks up crazy yahoo people in hopes to discover people like who you pretend to be. He showed me a few... I thought you were a psychopath. Glad to know this isn't the case.
    I like your humor. Especially the turkey email. And I loved the Parent Trap reference in the snuggie section of this blog. Snuggies rock. Are you single? Cause i really like the snuggie. I'm a fan of any cuddling involving snuggies.
    One day, I hope you email me.

  10. Book club emails is my very favorite. It made my hair "stand on end!" LOL

  11. You've been linked to :)

  12. Shoot.. I already read all of them! Now what am I supposed to do with my time?

  13. Hey I just thought you would like to know on Netflix there is a place where you can IM real people for tech help or suggest movies. I once went on to figure out how to turn something off it turned into a two hour conversation about her kids and my movie choices.

  14. Do you have a youtube account? You should video yourself reading the posts, it's hard to read them while I'm at work (which is now *checking her shoulder for bosses*) because I should be typing what is in front of me and that should not be your blog. ;)

    Plus it would be nice to hear the voice behind the humor.
    (Don't worry, I'm already married)
    (Fluffy's mom)

  15. Please move to Greenville, AL next! I want to be your BFF!!!!