Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Jog

I got this from a friend's blog. I hope you will play along.

Here are the directions:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot--anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Hopefully there will be more good memories than tragic ones.


  1. Ok...I'll play! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the memories other people write. I'm sure there will be some very entertaining ones. :-) But for me, I'll stick to what's really in my heart.

    It was only one short year ago that our paths crossed and you forever touched our lives and captured a place in all our hearts. Even though we've only known each other just a relatively short time, I have so many memories with you that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

    When we met, we had just adopted two children from Ukraine and you responded to a post on the Kiev mission board by another friend of ours to help out with some occasional translation and maybe even teach an FHE lesson or two.

    What you really got was something entirely different. Up to that point, my son had had very few men in his life who were even remotely nice to him. But he immediately took a liking to you and trusted you implicitly...even to the point of sharing some key pieces of his story with you...pieces he had shared with no one else before, or really since. Rather than running away when the going got ugly as most people would have, you kept asking questions. As a result, you unlocked the door to healing and gave them both a precious gift that will last far beyond this life.

    And then you still kept coming back for more. You played soccer and went to the school picnic as the biggest kid on the playground. You convinced Joseph over the phone that it really was ok for the doctor to put a cast on his leg and that it wouldn't stay there forever. You've played race cars and "ridden bikes" and otherwise endured my kids climbing all over you. You spent hours pouring over hand-scribbled medical records and even taught us how to make some of the best borsch on the planet. And if all that wasn't enough, you even made sure you were at Joseph's baptism, even though you'd just returned from Israel that morning and were sicker than you'd ever been in your life.

    You're the best, Eli! If I had a sister who was 20 years younger, you'd definately be brother-in-law material. We love you!!

  2. Crutch Olympics!!! Good times!
    You and Lance were always such a blast to hang out with.

  3. I remember how you adopted Kasey and I as your "parents" and always called us mom and dad. It didn't matter that I'm only 1 year older than you.

    I also remember playing human foosball at the stake center. You went to kick the ball and slipped on a wet spot on the floor. It was like something out of a cartoon. Your feet flew up in the air and you landed flat on your back. I wanted to ask if you were okay, but I couldn't stop laughing.

  4. I remember when you were in high school and on the track team and I would get up with you in the morning (in the summer) and ride a bike alongside of you while you went running. I always told you I wanted to go and then when the alarm clock went off at the crack of dawn and I wouldn't get up, you would come in and drag me out of bed. I was always so glad you did after the fact!
    Also, I remember when we would wake up super early in the morning just to watch "Wings" on T.V.
    Also, I remember when we were all little and we went on an extended family camping trip. On the way up we stopped and got hot dogs for lunch. You ate a few or more - I think. We got to the campsite and set everything up. That night all six of us were laying in the tent and I think that you were in the middle. All of the sudden, you sat straight up and just started throwing up in every direction. It was projectile vomit that reached one side of the tent to the other! And do you remember what you were throwing up? HOT DOGS! Poor Mom and Dad - I wonder how they got through that one. Being a mother now, I probably would have bawled the whole rest of the trip if one of my kids did that - not that I'm known to fall apart or anything - ha ha ha!
    Love, Krisanda

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  6. Co-creating a litereary masterpiece! The Ellison poem was a great moment in my life. (ok not that great) My favorite memories of you were the times when we would just laugh until it hurt! That seemed to happen lots when you were around.

  7. Well, It's really hard to pick just one...

    I absolutely love the hot dog projectile vomitting incident, and there was the time you put a snake in the shower in our old house, or the times you let us put curlers in your hair and lipstick on you when you were very very young (mostly casue you didn't know better), or the time you and muggey and Jason Smith came and stayed at my place in Logan, or all the fabulous poems you used to write me when I was in college about my life (NO BEETS???), or the time Krista Culp dumped you over in the wagon and then ran home, or the time you realized that eggs are not a dairy product, or suit shopping to find the perfect "modern" suit, or driving to Park City in my car and running out of gas...(ok not really but pretty close!!), or our nights spent playing Mario Party and complaining about how "communist" the game is, or the year mom dressed us all as crayon's for Halloween...the list goes on and on...

    But, my most favorite memories of you are the most recent ones. I am so greatful that we have gotten so close in the last few years! you are so wonderful, and I love "working" with you!! I have so many great memories of our trip to THE MIDDLE EAST, and I will never forget how fabulous that trip was and how excited I was to have you come along!!

  8. The Bear Ne-cess-it-ies!

    The Mistletoe song

    Hiding under the bell choir tables during the entire period of choir because we hated that class.

    Getting caught hiding under the bell choir tables, but escaping just in the nick of time and coming up with a totally logical reason for being there in the first place.

    Watching the office in your basement.

    Duets on the Autoharp and Guitar.

    Giving you your Remains of the Day lunchbox for Christmas and you fell to the ground because you were so overjoyed. That was probably my favorite gift-giving experience EVER.

  9. Your post title made me think of that time during my first summer miles when you asked if anyone wanted to go running with you in the afternoon, and I said I would. And we didn't like each other.

    The dry ice incident. 'Nuff said.

    Operation RYM. Yup, pretty sure I rocked you on that one.

  10. I have way to many...

    After watching countless hours of the Olympics... you tried to do some of your own, to see if you were indeed better than Nancy nearly face planted on the cement...

  11. definitely MCing at the ward talent show together where we decided at the last minute to show our stunning skills as interpretive dancers and totally doing an improv performance which turned out to be AMAZING and the highlight of the evening and i still wish someone videoed it so we could see what it looked like. how is it that we started interpretive dancing anyway? well in any case, there was always side aching laughing going on.

    our next best memory could've been me you and alyssa being roommates, but i guess that one is out the door. darn.

  12. Hmm...lets see:

    Fried Ice Cream!!! Borscht. The worst music video ever. "The love is gone" valentines text that somehow got to you a month late and scared half of your co-workers to death. Going to Harry Potter parties. Laughing at Jason because he was a volunteer at the harry potter party. Laughing at Jason because he's Jason... Cheerios. Fakesgiving. The pumpkin masacre. The time we were driving around 7 peaks and we both suddenly freaked out because we thought we were going to run over those spike things that pop people's tires if they go the wrong way, but then we realized that we were going the right way... What's a carfor?

  13. Eli I know i'm a little late on postig a comment BUT I can't help but laugh at the memory I have of you,Stacie and Me! Must I really post it on your blog??? Would you really like me to do that? Where is that VIDEO??? HOw's Lambert Truck & Co.??? Alright, alright just remember "PAIN IS BEAUTY NOW ISN'T IT!" oh and I think Stacie is still waiting for you to wax her back!LOL
    Call 1-800-DO-IT-TODAY!
    Eli I miss your face!


  14. Reading the snuggie text blog from a link posted on Facebook back when I was in college!!! I'm well aware of how old this post is, but I've read every single post since the initial snuggie text post. So, now as I'm bored at work, I decided to start reading the blog from the beginning to see what I missed, and I love it!