Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green Grass and Garbage

After several horrific weeks of 6:00AM to Midnight, Monday through Saturday crying tears of blood into 2,000 page law books, God decided to give us some sunny warm days. Afraid that these would be the only sunny days of the year, days which were still crammed full of studying for finals, my friend Corey and I decided to take our studies outside, positive that we could be just as effective outdoors. Exactly 43 minutes later this happened:

You'll notice that in Corey's left hand is her firmly grasped phone which she had been using to text. So before the sleeping, there was texting. Seconds after I snapped that shot I remarkably passed out again, leaving me open for Corey to wake up and take this freakish alien picture of myself. The next day we studied inside.On a side note, you see this garbage can here? I pass this can in the law building about 50 times a day. I only recently noticed the inscription on the top.
I would really like to know who this guy ticked off.
~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Seriously, the whiteness of your skin is blinding! What's up with's not like you're inside studying every hour of the day.

  2. It'll all be over soon. In fact, in the not to distant future, your whole college experience will seem like a distant memory - and one you really won't want to revisit very often. It was fun during it's time, but I'm sure glad those days are past. Good luck with finals!

  3. no finals report on the blog?

  4. haha... good fun, did you get a nice tan line again?

  5. Ha-- love the trash can! That is pretty classic. As for the "alien" picture, I must agree that it is pretty creepy. But at least you got a nap, eh?
    I hope your finals went well! When do you leave for Moscow?