Friday, February 3, 2012

The Worst Things Ever

It's time to make "The Worst Things Ever" list for 2012, so we can all focus our hate on what really matters throughout this year. I have my list below, in no particular order. Please suggest in the comments anything you would like to submit to the list and we will consider including it:

The Worst Things Ever: 2012

1. Gold's Gym
2. Glee
3. Laundry
4. Grocery shopping
5. Getting oil changed
6. The Disney Channel
7. The following months: November, December, January, February, March
8. All drivers on the road
9. People pretending to like sushi to seem cultured (I have a theory that nobody actually likes sushi)
10. Animals, alive or dead
11. All of the people on Glee
12. Consequences
13. Pop music
14. Public restrooms
15. When people say "fro yo"
16. Skinny jeans
17. Twilight (this is our last year. By 2013, we all need to move on to hating other things)
18. Responsibility
19. Talking on the phone
20. Swimming
21. My foot disease
22. Movies about horses
23. The Bod Pod
24. Dry skin

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Jersey shore
    And snooki needs her own #

  2. Growing up. And you might as well throw a "hun cal" in front of the fro yo.

  3. Allergies/Congestion
    Any time before 7 AM (Specific hours are negotiable)

    I'm sure I could think of more, but these will do for now.

  4. Rexburg
    People who say "dude"
    Peeing (let's face it, it's a total waste of time)

  5. Chocolate chips
    Sneezing when plucking nose hair
    And I second the Jersey Shore suggestion

  6. Amen to everything on your list.
    And let me add:
    The following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and most of all, Thursday. (Sunday nights are pretty bad too but I guess I'll leave it off the list.)
    The Bachelor
    The Kardashians
    Reality TV in general
    People who watch reality TV
    Justin Bieber

  7. Replies
    1. Myke, I think we ought to make a "Worst Things Ever Glee" special list. If only I had the time . . .

  8. By request:
    Close talkers
    People who smack their lips while they're eating
    Feet and people who touch you with theirs
    The world's inability to understand the difference between their, they're and there
    MBA's who tell me how useless my history degree is
    The first three Star Wars movies
    People who update their relationship status on Facebook once a week
    The Kardashians
    American Idol
    People's inability to ask intelligent questions
    Baby's breath...hideous flower
    Everyone's sudden obsession with cupcakes and cake pops
    Kings of Leon and other groups like them
    Country music
    New Years' Eve (useless holiday)
    How everyone and their dog suddenly thinks they're a professional photographer
    Fashion Blogs
    Any and all games on Facebook
    Hilary Clinton
    One word texts

    How's that? :)

    1. Perfect list, although, if you're an "executive assistant," an "administrative assistant" or a "receptionist" you ARE a secretary. If you don't like being called a secretary get a different job.

  9. I thought of two more:
    Being called a secretary
    People who don't text back (coughELIcough)

  10. Katy Perry
    The writers of Glee (in case they don't fall into your list already)
    TMI on Facebook

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  12. How about people who say something or someone is a "hot mess. " I can't stand it.
    Employees not doing their job and denying it even though you have documentation and massive problems to prove it.

  13. People who text while driving.
    People who only lurk online.

  14. Driving through New Mexico? Or Iowa... They're different kinds of awful.
    Slush puddles (Why can't it always be July?)

  15. Getting a finger ripped off

    Having to be around others tha have bad breath

    Not that I've seen them, but I assume Lindsay Lohan's boobs, or even just hearing/reading about her playboy spread. She just sucks, except in Mean Girls

    The show Teen Mom's

    Utah County

    Robert Pattinson

  16. you can keep #9 on your list but I have to refute your theory. I like sushi but I don't go out of my way to eat it because it is too damn expensive to call a MEAL, which means I don't know how to order it, because I haven't been taken out to eat enough of it by the people you list as #9.


    1. Anyone who calls sushi a "meal" doesn't deserve to have a meal.

  17. I'm glad my new Blabbergasted blog ( never makes it onto this list. Or actually, that might actually be good for traffic. Ha!

  18. the State of Wyoming. For no good reason.

  19. Captcha boxes.
    Reality television.
    Anotated bibliographies.
    The heat that comes off a laptop and burns your leg.
    People who text back "ok" unnecessarily.
    Prices ending in 95 or 99.

    1. Shutup. You had me at "People who text back 'ok'"

  20. just so you know, they have deep fried sushi, and that is awesome.

  21. Considerations from a fan:

    People who "wish everyone a good night" on facebook... Every night.

    The way normally intelligent people act unintelligent just because they got engaged.

    Online dating (both the suggestion from EVERYONE I KNOW to try it and the fact that it just SUCKS)

    Anyone in the Army, for personal reasons.

    Not enough recognition for personal restraint (from giving the intern swirlies) in the work place.

    Frontier Airlines


    Student loans

    And finally, the fact that your blog only JUST came to my attention in December with the snuggie post. Clearly I have been missing out until now. Keep being you babe!

  22. The milk crusties at the top of the gallon.

  23. Amen @7 & 9

    My list includes nightmares, being hungry/eating, and Circus Circus in Las Vegas.

    1. I just had several severe flashbacks from a bad Circus Circus experience in 1989.

  24. I'm pretty sure Mal Mecham and I are the same person. Eli, you're a lawyer...can you look into identity theft? Or perhaps Mal and I are twins seperated at birth?

  25. all the "work-out" motivation pins on pinterest. i know a lot of things that taste MUCH better than "thin" does.

  26. Mariah Carey all the time.... but especially in the Jenny Craig commercial.

    People who have the most advanced equipment but can't do shit with it.

    Game requests on facebook.

    When you ask a person what something is and their reply is "you don't know what that is" no i do i was just fucking testing you...

    Kristen Stewart because she's to fucking awkward.

    1. People whose vocabulary is so limited they have to resort to vulgarity and profanity.

  27. I had some things to add but saw other people agree, so I second:
    Justin Beiber
    Jersey Shore
    Lazy/awful employees
    Texting while driving (I also think "all drivers on the road" covers this)

    And some I didnt' see:
    Stephanie Meyer (she is to blame)
    And also hopefully for the last year, Obama. (Yes, that just happened)

    Also, I've felt that way about Sushi for awhile now, glad I'm not alone.

  28. People who pin "My hubs" or "Chloe and Grandma" on pinterest. That's what facebook is for!!

  29. um, you don't know pink berry? "best hun-cal fro-yo...eeever."

    1. How does she feel about what she's thinking?

  30. 1:neck beards
    2:Amish dating websites
    3:Cats. All kinds. On sweaters, in real life... except baby ones, cuz, awww, dey so chute!
    4:Hearing "I was just gonna say" in class and then the person saying it anyways.

  31. People who use vulgar language in public places including the gym, Facebook, and blogs.
    Using your and you're incorrectly.
    Using the words 'epic' and 'fail' in sentences that dont describe something epic. Or a failure.
    Finding Bigfoot.

    One question: Isn't deep fried sushi technically not sushi?

    1. Sushi is Japanese for vinegared rice. Sashimi is raw seafood. You can have cooked sushi or sashimi style sushi. Both can be delicious, or nasty beyond words.

    2. Sushi is Japanese for vinegared rice. Sashimi is raw seafood. You can have cooked sushi or sashimi style sushi. Both can be delicious, or nasty beyond words.

  32. Finding a pair of men's boxers in your room and having no idea who they belong to or how they got there.

    Getting to the llama store 30 seconds after the last llama is sold.

    Pilonidal cysts.

  33. I agree with pretty much everything said so far, and can only think of one thing to add:

    Sauerkraut. It smells so horrible!

    @Mrs. B (and anyone else who wondered): "Sushi" doesn't mean raw fish, it's often made with cooked fish. Or no fish at all. It's the way the rice is made that qualifies it as "sushi".

  34. Having to work for money, too obvious?
    Rude people
    Justin Beber

  35. Low blood calcium

    People in general

    Similac gentle formula for babies

    Snot (where does it come from and why does your body have to produce so much of it?)

    People who give you unwanted parenting advice

    And I don't hate it but I'm not a fan of fast Sunday...people say things we just don't need to know about and it's embarrassing and painful to sit through.

    1. If you don't like my mommy blog, just say so.


    People who leave their blinkers on when they're not REALLY turning.

    And worst of all..


  37. Pretentious college students

  38. Filing taxes

    Dogs dressed as humans


  39. Teen movies and when people say "supposably"

  40. Suggested additions:
    Homeland security
    Alternatively, all the idiots who haven't figured out how to efficiently navigate homeland security
    Telemarketers, particularly cold-calling insurance salespersons
    Insurance commercials

    Votes for previous suggestions:
    Oil changes
    Skinny jeans
    Justin Bieber

    Objections to previous suggestions:
    Grocery shopping
    Chocolate chips
    Okay, so maybe I have a food issue...

  41. Tail gate drivers
    People who drive in the passing lane when not passing.
    Liver shushi

  42. Amen to Snooki and everything Jersey Shore. Have to disagree about sushi - I actually love it. Have to add shopping at Walmart...oh how I loathe Walmart!

  43. People who believe in Australia.
    German Frogs.
    Snow Blowers (unless they're being used for something cool, like vacuuming.)
    The "A Man walks into a bar" joke that I've already heard 13.2 times.

  44. When people say "safety deposit box"
    It's "SAFE deposit box"....seriously

  45. People who actually use the non-word "chillax". Punch in the face material right there. ;0P

  46. -Sleep: I could be doing something more productive.
    -Roommates who are ALWAYS right: Sometimes I do know what I'm talking about.
    -People who answer questions directed towards you and act as if they know you: Yes, 12 years ago I hated bananas but now I love them.
    -Guys who complain about not having a girlfriend: Ask a girl out that's where it begins!
    -Every movie is now 3D: Can we not create anything new?
    -Shrek wasn't enough so let's make Shrek 2, Shrek 3, Shrek 4, and Shrek 2 1/2 just for fun.
    -Feet: So gross!
    -People who say they're mature: Now you're that much more mature for saying that.
    -People who make you feel guilty: I know I did something wrong stop rubbing it in my face.
    -The commonly asked questions. . .What are you majoring in? I don't know. Are you getting married soon? I'd have to be dating someone first: Why don't you ask me how I AM! How I feel How I'm doing?
    -Moldy cheese: Cheese is already rotten why does rotten go moldy?
    -People who don't work and just go to school yet complain they have to free time: Hello! Do you think working 20 hrs a week on top of the same school schedule as you is easy?
    -Parent's on facebook: And you said I was addicted. . . .
    -People who ask if you dropped the class just because you missed once: Can I be sick once in awhile?
    -Guys: They never pick up on hints. If you sing a song about pie and I tell you I like pie HELLLO pick up on it!!
    -Talent Shows: I don't have any talents that can be performed on a stage. . .
    -Girl's who play guitar: You only learned to impress a guy. *Jealous*

    Now the rage is on. Perfect.

  47. I know I am late to the party but ...

    - Inconsiderate people
    - Indecisive people
    - Overly familiar spam and junk mail
    - Raisins (eating things that look like bugs? really???)
    - Jello and pudding

  48. I'll add:
    People who add the letter "s" to words, like when they say, "I just filled up my car at Mavericks" or "deposit that into checkings".
    When people say/post "That awkward moment when..."
    People who update their facebook more than twice per day, or just facebook in general.
    And just because I actually like the Kardashians, I'd like to suggest Kris Humprhies.

    Also, I second Jersey Shore, Snooki, chocolate chips, the DMV, talent shows, one word texts.

    1. oh! You are divine! I second third and fourth the "checkings" thing. I work at a Credit Union and I hate that!

  49. had to add…

    people who think they know how to drive in the snow, just because they have four wheel drive (for some odd reason I laugh when I see SUVs spinning out of control… I'm rotten I know)...

    people who think they know what's best for me, and therefore criticize my major…

    last but not least insects… in any form… period (I just had a bad encounter with one today which I had to blog about…)

  50. A hearty Amen to everything on the list except for numbers 10, 13, and 20.

    Also consider adding:
    The name "Nevaeh"
    Hipsters - particularly the ones who claim to be nerdy because they wear fake glasses.
    Group projects
    The phrase "I could care less"
    Unnecessary apostrophe's (see what I did there??)

  51. Way late to the game as I recently discovered your wicked blog - I agree with everything above (except chocolate chips, duh) and MUST add: any saying that begins with "Keep Calm and..." Paleez!