Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Lost Journal Series, Part XIII

Today I give you the next edition of The Lost Journal Series.

March 14, 1995 (10 years old):

If I had to disect a cat I would throw up. Even though I hate cats it would still be sick. I hate disecting things mostly because they stink and if it was the other way around they would disect us. I hate tests especially math tests. Who invented math. Maybe people did but it would of been hard. you would have to be really smart and I hope THEY ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES.

March 18, 1995 (10 years old):

The longest day of my life was with my grandma and grandpa when I was like 8. She woke me up at 6:00 and she said breakfast. I went into the kitchen half dead and she poured some white lumpy stuff on my plate. I asked her what is it and she said pankakes. I looked down at it and she said Ohh do you want it cooked and that's when it all began. At 10:00 my grandma said we are going to see a movie that starts at 11:00. I asked her what it was and she said newsies. We got there and found out my grandma was WRONG. We got in the car at 10:10. Now is it just me or does it seem like grand pas drive really wierd. I thought we were going to get a ticket. FOR GOING TO SLOW! The movie didn't start until 12:30! We waited for 2 hours!

1. The Cosby show hasn't begun yet; the TV Guide must be wrong!

March 19, 1995 (10 years old):

My sisters probably don't even care about RECICLICING! They just throw things away when instead they could take them to that big garbage can where you can put newspapers to RECICLE. I wish we didnt even chop down one more tree because then we could just use what we already have and try to treat the earth with some respekt. But then maybe we would have to many trees and there wouldnt be room for growing potatos and lilic bushes IM JUST SAYING.

March 22, 1995 (10 years old):

I have a stomak ake but not like the kind where you are sick but more like the kind where you feel bad. I don't even know why I have it but its probly because there is a lot of BAD stuff in the world that I'm to young to even fix. I found out about all the animals that are probably dying and going EXTINCT because we don't even try to save them well I hope they have enough of them in the zoo and maybe one day when all the bad people who dont even care about the world are DEAD haha! then the animals will come back to live.

March 24, 1995 (10 years old):

We lost. The worst kind of loss there is. Worse than loosing at a game. Worse than loosing the Superbowl. We lost so much and now its over and we can't get it back for a long time and while we are waiting we don't care about a stuped game we don't even care about the Superbowl. Because nothing can get our minds off of what we lost. The only good thing about this kind of loss is when this thing is lost it doesn't make you a loser it just makes you think about things more clearly. It makes you think about what maters. We lost a family member. Thats what death fills like.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I feel like you and Junie B. Jones would have gotten along swimmingly

  2. This post is like Stranger...it's funny but then it gets really deep. Nice work young Eli!

  3. My son is 10 and this is exactly how his mind thinks and it baffles me at times. And that last one - OMG. I know that is exactly how he would take it . . . and it makes me want to hug him . . . but I can't because he's on vacation with his father and I'm stuck at home because I had to work . . . .and now my heart is breaking :(

  4. So...who died? Or by "lost" do you mean literally, like you accidentally left Krishelle at the mall (obviously going back for her later, because condo clothes)?

  5. GMac FTW on than pankake joke!

  6. I want to get into a time machine, go back to 1995, give 10-year-old Eli a hug, and then tell him to submit that last entry to a children's writing contest.

  7. I'm a 7th Grade English teacher and we're reading the Diary of Anne Frank right now. It was written when she was 13-15 years old. I've been wondering how her writing and insights would compare with other kids her age. Your lost journal has greatly enlightened me by comparison. She was either a genius or you were...

  8. Read RECICLICING as "re-icicle-ing".

  9. Your childhood anxiety gives me anxiety...

  10. I'm inspired to go chop down some trees so there's room for potatoes.

  11. I bet those smug math inventors ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES.