Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

You guys! Look! I Pictured and Distracted! I almost forgot how to do this! The last time we had one of these posts they hadn't even invented electricity yet.

But in even more important news, I have our Snuggie winners. Thank you so much to all of you who shared your kind words about Stranger and your fun memories of this community over the last week. I will cherish the comments section of the ten-year anniversary post for many years to come.

And now dddddrrdrerdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr (that's supposed to be a drum roll. I don't know how to type it out) our winners of their very own Snuggies and a lifetime supply of meatballs (I'm kidding about the meatballs. Don't try to cash in on that. I only have enough meatballs to supply you for like 12 years) are dddddrerdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdxddrrdrdrdrjkdrjdrdrdrdrkittydrdrddrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd

Jayne, Jake, and Gretchen

Congrats! So all you guys need to do is go to the store and buy a Snuggie. 


Jayne, Jake, and Gretchen, please shoot me an email and tell me where I can send your Snuggie. I may also slip in some dirty laundry for you to wash and send back. I haven't done it in like 5 years.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

Not pictured: a third dog vomiting in the back seat. 

Up near Snowbird

Hannah Rose and I bottled peaches (thanks Cathie and Krishelle for the instruction)

This year's Craft Lake City Island Hopper crew.

Renley got a haircut! 
Stranger Pictures of the Week

From Michelle, whose husband recently received a wrong-number text.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Bar Meowtzvahs. Thanks, Sarah.

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  1. So I totally had some stuff to send for pictures and distractions, but I couldn't because electricity hadn't been invented yet. But now it has so count me in for next week. ALSO today I had to try and explain to some friends how Mr. Duncan Doodle and the Dog Squad are my happy place and I don't know if they get what happens here. Because kid you not, when my daughters are sad or angry or whatever emotions have them yelling "mooooooom" across the house at me, all I have to do is load up the Instagram feed of all the puppies in Utah and suddenly it's rainbows and unicorns at my house again. Thank you for the service you do for the world, Duncan et. al.

    1. I'm so glad there were so many to make up for all the missed weeks!

      I also like that I'm "Mimi" and "Michelle." It reminds of freshman year when I was listed in the yearbook index twice, once for my name and once for my nickname. I'm sure it's my fault for not being consistent in what I write in emails, but it reminds me of good times.

    2. Yeah I knew when I saw that Mimi it had to be you.

  2. That last picture of Duncan just made my Friday.

    1. Seriously, on a scale of weird to creepy, where would it fall if I were to use that as the desktop picture on my phone? Asking for a friend. A... dog friend.

    2. I already wallpapered my office with it so I think you need to step up your game!

    3. Alright, ordering pillowcases and shower curtains with his image on them... now. For my dog friend.

  3. Wait. What?! Did I miss a post?! Who is Renley?! That's one of the most adorable pups EVER... and I'm a cat person.
    Annnnd... being from the south, the term "bottled" peaches just ... I've never heard that! Is that what everyone says in Utah?! We say "canning", which is also a misnomer, since we are also using jars... "canning jars". "Jarring peaches" makes it sound as if they're startling, so that doesn't work, either... now they all just sound wrong... kind of like when you sign your name so many times on paperwork you start to question if it's really your name, and what kind of name is that?!

    1. We also say "canning" but I think it sounds wrong.

      You need to go find Mr. Renley Rufferford on Instagram. He is ridiculous. He's Adam's new puppy (Teddy's little brother). Matt manipulated him into rescuing another dog. Things are getting out of control.

    2. I think the correct way is to say "put up peaches". Which makes the least sense of all the other options, but that's how my grandma says it, and grandma doesn't go wrong on her peaches.

  4. I just noticed the word slipped into the second drum roll and I'm being my pants! I love Stranger so so so so much.

  5. Well done Michelle's husband for successfully strangerizing (strangering, Eli-ing, snugifying... Not sure what the best word is) the wrong number text!

  6. I think I am a terrible stranger (even though I love you and stalk your life endlessly so I don't understand how I have to ask this question) who is Renly's person??

  7. He belongs to Adam. He's Teddy little brother and he's AMAZING.

  8. Hooray for the return of Pictures and Distractions! Now the question is should we expect the return of Survivor recaps? Or will I need to supply my own snarky commentary?