Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Another Surgery

By way of update . . .

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, a few days after my last post I went to a hand specialist (they actually exist) so he could assess the injury. I had already come to find during the few days since the break had occurred that losing your dominant hand functions creates an entirely new lifestyle. In ways that I never imagined life suddenly became difficult and/or humiliating while attempting various tasks. I was relieved to find that an informal support group had formed in the hand specialist waiting room where patients with wrapped hands talked about the trials they face and the support they need. One guy talked about how he can't play baseball with his son anymore. A lady said how embarrassed she was every time she had to sign a receipt with her left hand at a store. One girl spoke up timidly and told the group that she was hesitant to say anything at all because her break happened on her non-dominant hand, to which an older southern woman loudly replied, "Oh honey! We don't judge here! Infirmities come in all shapes and sizes!" Luckily I was called back before they started singing girls camp songs together.

Unluckily the doctor told me that if we didn't do surgery soon, my ring finger would be permanently stuck pointing to the side, which would be great for my circus job, but bad for everything else.

48 hours later I was going under the knife. They drilled four screws into my bone and wrapped it up tight. Tomorrow they'll remove the cast to look at it. Hopefully by then my hand won't look like the Hulk anymore.

9 days until finals . . . anyone got an extra hand I can borrow? (warning: I have been known to break them).

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. And what exactly do you know about the songs they sing at girls' camp? Now THAT would be an interesting story! :-)

    Sure, you can borrow one of my hands. Out of necessity I've grown about 30 extra of them over the past two years. But, they are all dominant lefties by the way.

    Yes, a ring finger to the side would be bad, especially on the left hand. :-)

    Good luck with finals. Do they allow verbal exams?

  2. Eli!
    You poor thing! I'm so sorry you've had quite the past few weeks. If we can do anything for you, give us a call! Oh and tell your family hello the next time you talk to them!

  3. give me a call sometime. i'd be interested to hear how you're going to handle finals. good luck.

  4. give me a call sometime. i'd be interested to hear how you're going to handle finals. good luck.