Friday, March 22, 2013

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Last night I popped some popcorn. Daniel took a handful of it and then dropped it into his full glass of ginger ale.

Eli: What are you doing!?!?

Daniel: Huh?

Eli: You just put popcorn in your ginger ale!

Daniel: Oh. Yeah.

Eli: Why!??!

Daniel: I like it soggy.

He then stuck his freakishly long fingers down the glass, pulled a few kernels out, and offered me one.

And now, this week's pictures and distractions.

Mr. Daniel. Notice the shades of farmer's tan on his left arm.

Watching the sunset during an ocean swim.

Drinking some coconuts with Brian and Daniel.

Hanging out at a small waterfall with some friends.

Kicking it in the jungle, Palau style.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

The most and least friendly countries for tourists. Remember all the things I said about Bulgaria? VINDICATED.  Thanks, Brian.

BYU comes in at number one, even though I'm not there anymore. SHOCKING!

Maybe I'm just very behind, but I hadn't seen this amazing video before. Thanks, Kayla.

It will become Trixy's life purpose to see that this site meets its demise. Thanks, Chels.

I normally hate videos like this. But . . . a man tried to jump into ice.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. You are living the life.....I am absolutely living vicariously through you. Oh, to be young again.....if you need a motherly-type to come take care of you guys, let me know. (Or you know, if you just want a motherly-type never really have to see me....I'll be diving everyday.....)

  2. Thanks for distracting me from work! Slow day very boring.. I just found this website through Pinterest and you are too funny! And you're Mormon! So props to you I was baptized Mormon but I'm not active anymore

    1. Ugh, boring days at work are the worst. That's how I found this blog too! Yay for reading this blog instead of working!

  3. Eli, that looks like a snake under the log you are sitting on! I hope it was just a tree root & that you weren't having Close Encounters of the Snake Kind for like the 10th time in two months.

    Is Daniel's funky tan from running with an mp3 holder strapped to his arm while he runs? I did that last year & had a stripe across my arm just like that (well, except I don't tan, so it was more like I just became a normal human color rather than glaring white lol).

  4. what the soggy popcorn? gross!

  5. i'm starting to think you only own one shirt...

    1. This might be my favorite comment ever.

    2. ha ha nope, not Daniel.... just a girl in Pennsylvania who is too lazy to create any kind of profile.

  6. Two things, I like my popcorn soggy as well, but I usually put it in milk or hot chocolate. And can you tell Daniel from me that he is smoking hot? Thanks!

  7. Sounds like a new catch-phrase in the making: The soggier the popcorn, the more butter in the ginger ale!

  8. Get a new shirt Eli. Maybe the stranger community should have a charity sale for you. And your friend Daniel = Mr Mac Daddy Hot

    1. I have a really cool shirt for Eli that he would love (I think). Sadly I don't know what his shirt size is.

  9. The tourism list is crazy. Latvians are so friendly! I had a great time in Russia too. The only people in Russia who weren't very welcoming were the border guards...and that could be said of nearly every country!

    Ireland is super friendly though, I do agree with that.

  10. Soggy popcorn is an abomination. What is the point of soggying up popcorn??? I do private care in peoples homes, so thanks for making me laugh so hard I snort. It makes my patient laugh his butt off.