Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pictures & Weekly Distractions

Happy weekend, Strangers. It's rainy today in the land of coconuts. Actually, it has pretty much been raining non-stop for about three weeks. I haven't minded this because it has made it just incredibly hot outside instead of the typical jaws of Hell hot.

With four weeks left in Palau, I'm attempting to soak up my final moments of tropical paradise. Also, getting Leotrix updated on his shots so he can travel to the U.S. has been a NIGHTMARE.

And now, your pictures and distractions:

Kicking it with my fish.

Daniel taught the kids at church about nutrition this week. Very ironic coming from the strawberry pancake chicken curry eater.

One of the kids, Kaitano, received a long-anticipated Mormon mission call this week and he read his assignment to our very excited crowd on Wednesday. He'll be going to Johannesburg, South Africa for the next two years.

Ok, and a few weeks ago I said I was going to start doing the Stranger Picture of the Week. But then I just didn't. Because laziness. But here's my second attempt to get it going. And this one is actually a picture I took of a card that was sent in a couple of weeks ago. Another elaborate threat from the Queen of Colors.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

A song about the most annoying people on Facebook. Thanks, Krishelle.

It's an old story, but this woman was arrested for a condiment crime spree. Thanks, Rachel.

For fellow Friday Night Lights fans. But where was Grandma Saracen!? Thanks, Hillary.

Cat wearing a shark costume rides a Roomba vacuum. Thanks, Sarah.

Adults recreate their childhood photos. Thanks, Krishelle.

NEVER. GO. TO. PERU. Thanks, Brian.

Ten scientifically proven ways to make yourself happier.

And finally, why not end with a picture of Trixy taking a ride on the Queen of Colors? Thanks, Samantha.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Congratulations on the mission call! How exciting!

    Love the card. Creepy.

    Teaching teenagers nutrition is always hilarious.

  2. You know those kids are going to miss you two like crazy right? I get teary thinking about it. :)

    And did I misread earlier this week you said 5 days and now it's 4 weeks? I need my eyes checked apparently.

  3. I don't know if it's weird how happy I was to see my country mentioned in your post (I'm from Johannesburg :D). SA is the best, I hope he enjoys it!

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  5. Is it just me or did an alarming number of the adult/kid pictures have baby girls that somehow grew into men? O.o

    1. I noticed that too! Maybe the parents just really wanted a girl and decided that making their son look like one was good enough.

    2. Haha definitely not just you; especially #26! And I got a huge laugh out of #29 :)

  6. I can't believe someone actually owns "Snakes on a plane". :/

    p.s. haha almost called it snacks on a plane,hmmm, that would have been better!

  7. I totally would have been the first one to comment but I got distracted by the distractions and forgot......

  8. AH! That first adult/child photo should NOT have been reproduced. EVER. Awkward, much???? Yikes.

  9. You never fail to amuse me. I snorted when I read the strawberry pancake chicken curry remark having just read that post last night. Mission calls rock! Good luck young man and God's speed.

  10. If it hasn't been done already, I would LOVE to see responses to a yahoo question about breeding a cat and dog together to get a catdog (anyone remember that show?) I think the answers could be entertaining. By the way, your hair looks fabulous today and will you marry me?