Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Today I was sitting in my office, minding my business, working like a good Mormon boy, when suddenly something that has never really happened to me before happened to me. I took a sip of water and tried, apparently very hard, to swallow it into my lungs. And suddenly, in a totally uncontrollable manner, I violently COUGHED it at the wall.

I don't know how much water it was, but it looked like at least one full cup. And it made a splashing sound when it hit the wall. And I kept coughing, bending over, and trying to get air. But I was also laughing really hard, which made the whole thing worse. When I finally gained composure and looked up, I saw an older attorney standing at my door, staring at me. No words were spoken. He just walked away.

And THAT is reason 1,247 why I'm pretty sure everyone considers me "the awkward guy at the office."

Reason 1,248, the pictures for today were taken in my office at 10:00 PM.

And now, your pictures and distractions.

Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Cassy.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Incredible images of my dear Kyiv turned into a warzone. I'm sick over this and praying for my dear friends.

Always wanted a 3D replica of your unborn fetus? Well today is your lucky day! Thanks, Val.

A conference call in real life. Thanks, Pat.

The Full House men reunited. And it will make you question your childhood tastes. And miss your childhood. Thanks, Kristi.

Amazing beach art. Thanks, Angela.

People have been eating bananas through pantyhose. Thanks, Becca.

Sexiest alpaca hair styles. Thanks, Janelle.

Um . . . but what if the fear is specific to Leotrix? Thanks, Merete.

I have no idea what this is. But Brian sends us quality stuff so often that I feel like I need to include it. Thanks, Brian?

A nice video about religious freedom. Or as I like to call it, LET'S ALL JUST STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER OVER DIFFERENCES OF OPINION ABOUT HOW WE GOVERN OUR INDIVIDUAL LIVES. I'm looking at you, everyone who has ever lived, including religious and non-religious people. Thanks, Matt.

Sometimes genetics are HORRIFYING. Thanks, Cara.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Nobody can pull off perfect hair like you at 10pm in your office after working all day. How do you do it? I'm sure the answer is Paul Simon.

  2. Maybe the older attorney was looking at you because he's jealous of your sweater. He want's for himself.

  3. If I got a picture of my unborn fetus (now born), it would have been with his hand over his face. Because EVERY time we did a 3D image, he was covering his face up.

    1. In utero facepalm for the win :-)

  4. The SAME thing happened to me at work right before I read this #lovechokingonwater.. oh and btw I have a huge crush on you.

  5. Admit it Eli you have a team of stylists and hair dressers behind that camera. That hair and face are just too perfect.

  6. Best pictures and distractions. OF. ALL. TIME.

  7. Nice hair, Eli. Also, has anyone ever told you that you resemble Ramin Karimloo? He's a very attractive singer with a beautiful voice.

  8. My favorite part about the last link, is the first comment after the face-morphage. Epic.

  9. These pictures of you are very distracting, indeed.

    *someone had to say it*