Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

We are now on day eight or so of Jolyn Metro's "I'm just going to stay tonight" visit. Today I asked her what her weekend plans were.

Jolyn: Well I'm not sure. See, I'm just staying with you for the night, so I need to figure out where I'm staying tomorrow.

Eli: You're not staying here tomorrow?

Jolyn: Haha. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Eli: But you just said--

Jolyn: Did any mail come for me today?

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
My little niece Kate graduated preschool. I wish all graduations were this entertaining. 

The Capitol building from across a ravine during my bike ride today.

The biking sights of Salt Lake City.

Across the street from the Capitol Building.

The top of the world on the weekend ride in Emigration Canyon. 

I made banana split pie! My own creation. (Graham cracker crust, a layer of chocolate syrup, a layer of sliced bananas, a layer of softened ice cream, a layer of sliced bananas and topped with a little more chocolate syrup. Then freeze for a couple hours.)

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

NOT COOL, Jolyn Metro. NOT COOL.

This is why Rebecca's diet is KILLING her! Thanks, Rachel.

Any of you remember WAY back to when Stranger was commonly referred to as "the Goat Blog?" Oh my gosh. This goat might be the spirit animal of Stranger. The Taylor Swift video is particularly wonderful. Thanks, Molly.

Cats in tight spaces. I wonder if people who occasionally happen upon Stranger think that this is a blog for cat lovers. And I know what you're thinking: WAIT! THIS ISN'T! And the answer is, twice up the barrel, once down the side. Thanks, Brittany.

The unspoken pain of the "stayers" in expat communities. This rang so true for me. And it applies to anyone who watches their friends move away, even if you're not an expat. Thanks, Carrie.

It's witchcraft, I tell you. TOILET WITCHCRAFT. Thanks, Jake.

Hot dogs or legs guessing game. Thanks, Dawn.

Birds with human arms. OH. HELL. YES. Thanks, Sadie.

Chinese chicken fashion. The Queen of Colors's's's multi-billion dollar hate industry. Thanks, Kristi.

The Queen of Colors and Trixy battle it out. Thanks, Alex.

Cats dressed as TV and film characters. Thanks, Melissa.

14 reasons Salt Lake City is the best city in the universe. Ifwedosaysoourselves. Thanks, Chad.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. It's not Friday yet.

  2. My husband and I were on a road trip to visit family and I noticed that there is a section of I-55 in Illinois that is designated as the "Paul Simon Freeway". I instantly thought of you (kind of strange, because I don't really know you in real life, haha) and was excited for your sake, until I looked it up online and found out that it is actually in honor of an Illinois congressman named Paul Simon. Or maybe that is the Paul Simon that you like? I had assumed you liked the musician, but people shouldn't assume, I suppose!

  3. One thing this blog has taught me is that Salt Lake City is beautiful! I hope to visit one day.

  4. You can to get lost in Salt Lake!! Utah natives make the grid system seem like something sent from the heavens but oh my hell its annoying. Like 1000 N is called "first north" while 10000 N is called "100 north" like wtf? And then there are like fifteen state streets and main streets because all the cities are like three minutes apart. I mean, what is that?

    1. I think 100 North is supposed to be "first north" and 1000 North is "tenth north". Do the streets even go as high as 10000 North?

    2. They go as high as 13200 South, then they sometimes start counting downward again as you drive to another city center. Because we roll like that.

  5. I totally love this site! I randomly stumbled across it one day and now I am hooked. Whenever I am at work and want to avoid whatever I am supposed to be going this is where I go!

  6. Jolynn may as well just stay. I mean, really. We're ALL thinking it.

  7. Nice post thanks to sharing this post.