Friday, January 2, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Happy New Year, one and all. Because the magic of the season made us lose track of reality, like it always does (see this and this for your January 2nd reality checks), we have been without Pictures and Distractions for a few weeks now. There's a serious backlog of crappy photos on my phone that just MUST be shared with you.

So without further ado, your Pictures and Distractions. (Please feel free to follow me on the Instagrams here. Or just follow Ollie, since he has his own account now. And find us on the Facebooks here. And my blog about sewing is here. Just kidding. That last link doesn't take you anywhere. I can't even keep up on my mommy blog. Fortify would murder me if I started up a blog about all of my sewing.)

Ollie and Matt at my house on New Year's Eve.

With my two older sisters.

Ollie doesn't always love letting go of his toy, yet insists on us trying to get it from him. 

Ollie slept at my house this week. I came into my bedroom to go to bed and found this. My favorite comment on the Instagrams was from justinekeyser: "Draw me like one of your French girls."

Ollie waiting for Matt to come pick him up after work. 

I was in Mexico the other day and saw this horrifying Mickey Mouse pinata. 

Not to be outdone by this nightmare. 

Or this one.

With Wade and Mr. Ollie Pants on New Year's Eve.

Kicking it with Wade and Matt and some people who got in the picture with us downtown in SLC on New Year's Eve.

And, finally, I'm having an island put in my kitchen so with the help of my sister Krishelle and Cathie, we created a fake island out of boxes to figure out where it should go. The side bar will be moved to another room. Please voice all of your opinions regarding placement, color, size, and my hair.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

21 kids who shut down picture day. Thanks, Esther.

Most awful sleeping face cat. Thanks, Esther.

Surround sound Snuggie. Thanks, Becky.

Pets' Christmas costumes. Thanks, Garrett.

A house seeking freedom. Thanks, Juniper.

More updates to the Snuggie. Thanks, Juniper.

Ugly Christmas sweater suits. Thanks, Bonnie.

A man narrates strangers' actions. Thanks, Brittany.

Do you need to idle your car before driving it? Thanks, Paul.

It was a strange year. Thanks, Kimberly and Tyler.

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~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Oh come on, stop lying to us. That last picture is a fort you built in your kitchen.

  2. Put the island on lockable casters so you can move it around or push it up against the wall if needed. Then you only have to decide what size it should be and don't have to worry so much about where it will be.

    1. Well it's being hooked up with outlets on each end so I think that means it has to go in one place. Right? I don't understand the world.

  3. Go with an accent color, since you've got white on all the other cabinets. Go blue or brick red or something fun. Also depending on what the surface is going to be (butcher block? granite? marble (I hope not)? quartz?).

  4. I don't idle my car for the car's sake....I do it so it's warm for me and melts the snow so I don't have to work as much before I can leave. duh.

  5. Wow, looks like Snow White has an unfortunate skin condition.

  6. Love the icon you have in your Kitchen. One of my favorites.

  7. Seriously... is the kitchen open to the living area? Put the island as far towards the living area as possible with seating on the living area side. DO NOT put it in the center of your kitchen... unless you plan to use it to stay in shape as your cook and clean, because you will end up doing endless laps around the stupid island. Can you feel my hostility? This comes from a woman who has had an island between me and the pantry/ cabinets in two of the three houses I've lived in. Don't put an island in the middle. Just say no. ;)

    1. The kitchen is not open to the living area. It's a closed-off room at the center of the house with four doors opening into it (dining room, bathroom, bedroom, mud room). To put the island in the center of the kitchen, it will sit between the sink and doors. It won't block the way to pantry or other cupboards. Pretty much every cupboard will be between the island and the sink. I don't really know where else it could go.

  8. I guess these pictures put all those other debates to rest. :-) You're hair is perfect even at midnight, in the cold, on holidays and in mexico.

  9. Here are my opinions, since you asked. 1) Your hair looks perfect as always. 2) Ollie makes for adorable arm candy. Looks like he's getting quite the ego though. 3) I am curious about your new NYE friends, as they do not fit the mold of most of the other friends you post about. (Facial hair? Oversized hoodies? hehe) 4) I'm worried about Snow White and her arm disease. 5) I don't see why you even need a real island, since the box island looks good to me, but I like the placement. Just make sure you can open all of your appliances/drawers all the way and preferably have room to walk between said open appliances and the island (it is annoying to have to walk around the other way if someone has the fridge or dishwasher open). Disagree with a previous poster about "accent colors;" it annoys me when I see an island that is a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets. So if you plan on keeping the white cabinets and gray countertops, I'd go with that for the island. Maybe butcher block if you really wanted to make it different. Or, honestly, whatever aesthetic you like since you'll be the one living with it!

  10. Happy New Year! Here's my two cents: practice cooking some big meals with your cardboard island before committing. Also try cooking with another person with the cardboard island. This should give you an idea of what it would be like working around it and in case you pick up another roommate. My kitchen is fine when it's just me cooking, but it is terrible (especially around the island) when other people are helping me or just in the kitchen. You can get a rolling small butcher block island for $150-250. It may be worth it before investing on a structural change, and you can roll it aside if need be. Good luck!

  11. I guess I just never knew that Snow White was so........what's the word.........furry?

  12. Is it square? Have you tried turning it at an angle - so it's kind of like a diamond? It might be really weird, but I'd try it just in case. And as long as you are getting it wired, have the electrician move your wall outlet lower so it isn't wall art, or is there a reason that it's so high?