Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pictures from my Phone and Weekly Distractions

Rebecca is in town. I know this because she stormed into my house today, rearranged everything in it, told me every possible fact about her life, and then left in a huff. She says she'll be around for a few weeks and "WE'RE GOING TO BE ROOMMATES AGAIN!"

I'll let you know what all of this means if I ever find out.

Also, no, I'm not sorry that almost every picture this week is of Mr. Ollie Pants.


Here are your Pictures and Distractions:
Mr. Pants in the car!

Mr. Pants is wearing my glasses!

Mr. Pants fell down!

Mr. Pants shows both his butt and face in the same picture!

Matt brought me this pillow case from Canada. Apparently it is somehow made out of oatmeal. This does not make sense. 

Draw me like one of your French girls.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

An email exchange with a scammer. Thanks, Brittany.

Inspiring quotes from children's book. Thanks, Chad.

Guitars replaced with pictures of slugs. Thanks, Kim.

Beware of your next hotel decision. Thanks, Betsy.

Cat pile threaded pouch. Thanks, Karen.

Cat circus looking for a tour assistant. Thanks, Jacquelyn.

Photos of Pluto. Thanks, Mark.

If Fresh Prince happened in 2015. Thanks, Jameson.

Moving video shows people rate their loved ones' success. Thanks, Dana.

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~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Mr. Pants falls down is my favorite. Followed closely by the Titanic picture.

  2. Guitars replaced with pictures of slugs wins the entire internets today.

  3. I can't believe Rebecca's coming back after you gave her mono. It's almost like she's asking to get sick again.

  4. Alana, could you please teach Eli how to make these links open in a new window? I keep closing them after I look (instead of hitting the back button like a smart person would) and then I have to open the blog again and scroll down to the links part. I'm just really, really dumb and spoiled.

    1. Yeah, Alanna! What have you done for us LATELY!?!

    2. You have to go into the link settings and set the target to blank for the links to open in a new window..

    3. Actually, I just looked at the link settings and there is a checkbox towards the bottom that you can check to have the link open in a new window.

    4. In the Blogger page editor, when you click the option to add a link, a little dialog box opens. There is a "Text to display" area where you type what you want us readers to see. Then there is a "Link to Web Address" where you paste in all the gobbledy gook that the kids are calling a URL. Then at the bottom of the dialog box there is a checkbox that says "Open this link in a new window". Make sure you check that and it should all be a magical wonderland for those who don't know how to Ctrl+click on links to automatically make them open in a new tab.

    5. I told him how to do this in the LAST BLOG! *COUGH*ELINOTLISTENING*COUGH*

    6. I just really wanted to hear it from Garrett.

    7. I wonder if Brianne would do me a solid and slug you in the arm for me.

    8. ATTENTION, Strangers:

      On Pictures and Distractions Day, always RIGHT-CLICK the links. This automatically gives you options to open in a new window or tab or other things. That way, you can open Every Single Link before reading them, and after perusing them, close each one until you're back at the comments section. Problem Solved.

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  6. I'm so confused. I thought Rebecca bought a house around the same time you did.

    1. She did but she rented it out when she moved to DC so now she apparently has to live with me. This is very much like that Winnie the Pooh story when Owl chooses Piglet's house as his new home and Winnie the Pooh says to Piglet "YOU SHALL LIVE WITH ME."

      Don't ask me why I so readily had that reference at my fingertips.

    2. The thing is, TECHNICALLY Owl chooses Piglet's house to be EEYORE'S new house. Not that it matters much.

    3. I'm actually very ok with getting some of the facts wrong here.

  7. Clearly as a mother of 2 young children, I have been missing the shenanigans going on in the Hundred Acre Wood. Hmm...