Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Tonight I was at a concert with my family. Part-way through Cathie asked if I wanted any gum. Then she opened her purse and it was filled almost to capacity with Trident. The only other thing I saw in there were two lemons.

Keep us guessing, Cathie. Keep us guessing.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
Mr. Pants was helping me with laundry.

And then we took a nap.

And then we took naps separately. 

And then we tried to eat the Christmas tree but we got caught.

TBT to puppy days!
Stranger Picture of the Week
Spotted at Barnes & Noble by Margee.

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions:

My Survivor recap of this week's great finale.

Is Han Solo legally justified in shooting Greedo first? Thanks, Garrett.

A gift idea for a special friend. Thanks, Francie.

A Star Wars tribute. Thanks, Lee.

Jimmy Stewart makes you cry. Thanks, Janel.

Best. Twitter. Account. Ever. Thanks, Janel.

Funniest slow motion baby laugh. Thanks, Brian.

Judy says Lee was involved in this in some way. Thanks, Judy.

Dramatic readings of Yelp reviews. Thanks, Amy-Jane.

Downton Abbey without Lord Grantham. Thanks, Krishelle.

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  1. Yes, Lee definitely had something to do with that.

  2. So two nights ago I had a dream that you, Eli McGriddle McCann, were punk'd by Mr. Daniel. You thought he was taking you back to Palau, but really he'd arranged for you to make an appearance on Good Day Utah ( because you're totes a huge UT celeb now like Del Schanze... (sp?)) with Donny and Marie. But Guess who the real surprise guest was? Paul Simon! True story. Twice up the barrel, amiright?


    1. Kina, I can never forgive you for mentioning Super Del, we're now mortal enemies, sorry about that.

    2. But.. but.. he sells TOTALLY AWESOME COMPUTERS! Doesn't that count for anything?

    3. It accounts for a burning hatred in the region where I was once accused of having a heart. Him and the PC Laptops guy should never be allowed in public.

    4. Didn't that guy end up in prison? I swear I heard that once.

    5. You can't keep him down! He flew OVER the prison on his para sail. Long live Super Del! (I don't even know why I'm defending him. If I had to hear that annoying little man-child voice one more time... maybe he's the reason we left UT.)

    6. You guys, following this train of thought only leads to madness, turn around while you still can!

  3. Han didn't shoot first...Han was the only one who shot. The end.

    Thanks for ratting me out Judy. I swear, he jumped in front of that bus...I...I tried to save him...

    1. Don't make me sit between you two!

    2. This isn't about the new movie NICOLE! It's about Episode 4 A New Hope. The whole thing about how Han shot Greedo in the cantina and then Lucas changed it so that Greedo shot first but somehow missed Han from 2 feet away, then Han killed Greedo.


    3. A) I know what you're talking about - but I think it's cute that you felt the need to explain the entire scene.

      B) I said NO SPOILERS - OF ANY KIND!

      C) You're right - Han is the only one who shot . . .

    4. A) OMG I hate you so much right now.

      B) It's NOT a spoiler! :P

      C) Ok I don't really hate you cause we both totally love Star Wars and if I lived near you we would both be TOTALLY GOING TOGETHER TO SEE IT CAUSE AWESOME!!! Also, you'd be buying the popcorn.

    5. Want to hate me more? I don't have to stand in line for good seats. We're going to an Alamo Drafthouse to watch it - we bought our tickets in October (yea - we were part of crashing the internets) and at Alamo you get to pick your seats - so our totally awesome seats are reserved. We also get served DURING THE MOVIE - and can drink alcohol (NOT THAT WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS CATHIE) and get free refills on our popcorn brought right to us!

    6. If I have to stop this car one more time we're turning around and going home. DON'T MAKE ME COME BACK THERE KIDS!


      We have those theater's here too Nicole, I've heard they're cool but I prefer the regular theaters. We have our tickets reserved for IMAX 3D as well for today and I have another set for Sunday with the family. So there's no waiting in line for us either. WOOOOO 5 more hours to go.

    8. Moooooooommmmmmmm - HE'S TOUCHING ME!!!!!!!

    9. Don't make me call your father...

  4. OMG I laughed so hard at that slow laughing baby vid. I felt stupid because the longer I listened to it the funnier it got.

    1. I let it play itself out without watching (didn't find it funny enough to watch, was too lazy to hit "stop" or close the tab).

      But I LOVED the Downton Abbey link! (Thanks, Krishelle)

      And Lee, I don't think Judy was suggesting you threw poor Mr. Raccoon under the bus, I think she's suggesting that you were one of the tribute-payers. I KNOW you wouldn't throw poor Mr. Raccoon under the bus! :)

  5. Lee, I think you've been framed! We need Justice for hashtagdeadracoonto. Instagram has some interesting photos, but I haven't seen Lee in any of them

  6. These pictures are so cute, what a lovely little fella!