Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Sometimes Stranger becomes something I never really imagined before. Like that time that I made a joke about genealogy and then we all did family history work and established that the Suzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and I are 29th cousins twice removed cross my heart and a partridge in a pear tree. And for some time, this was all we talked about.

This week is no exception. You should be advised that my post on Fuller House from Monday has already had more traffic that almost anything I've written in the last two or three years. WHICH MEANS, I apparently write for people who are entertained BY FULL HOUSE.

FULL HOUSE! You guys! When I saw the scene in episode 12 of Fuller House where everyone at the party breaks into a perfectly choreographed Bollywood dance routine, all I could think was "Eli--you produce content that appeals to the same audience that likes this show."


And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Date night with Mr. Pants!

Look! I attended sports last weekend!

Mr. Scraps sleeping in the car.

Mr. Pants was completely uninterested in the Oscars.

I saw this wandering Main Street. 

Matthew texted me this picture, explaining that he and Mr. Pants were not pleased that I was late for dinner.

This is the world's best animal. All of the other animals can just stop trying. 

On top of the world for an afternoon bike ride.

More biking in Salt Lake's snowy escape.
Stranger Picture of the Week
Spotted by Kina.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My Survivor recap of the week hosted at TV Jelly.

World's scariest toy. Thanks, Tim and Leslie.

Another take on Fuller House. Thanks, Tyler.

9 delightful obituaries. Thanks, David.

One of the funniest Onion articles I've seen in a long time.

Very important cat apparel. Thanks, Janelle.

The 50 most beautiful places in the world. Thanks, Jackson.

5 human-like things animals do. Thanks, Brenda.

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  1. Hahahahaha those obituaries are amazing

    Chaun from

  2. That picture of you and Mr. Pants is cute. Are all men in Salt Lake City this beautiful or are you an anomaly?

    1. No, no they are not, I can vouch for this. However Utah does have a high percentage of people with really good teeth. God bless orthodontia.

  3. Did you know there is a big hubbub about that Bollywood episode and people are claiming that it's culturally insensitive and racist?

    1. What isn't "racist" and "culturally insensitive" these days? I'm from the South and you guys joke about not even saying Y'all! Long live Fuller House! And I don't even say "whatever you aren't supposed to say!"

  4. I feel like we now need Eli to lead us in an official Stranger choreography. It could be like a secret Mason handshake, except we're not Masons (Not that we know what MASONS are Cathie), and it's not a handshake, and it's not really secret because it would be on the internet for everyone to see. Um, where was I going with this?

    1. It should involve "This is the Place" hand signals and wearing snuggies.

    2. And maybe a chicken mask.

  5. You should really give the readers (mostly Caitie) what they want. More Brianne and less Fuller House!

  6. It's hard to tell because it's a little fuzzy, but I think I know the guy in that Main Street picture. Too funny! took me a minute to realize that was a towel underneath Mr. Scraps when he was sleeping in the car.

    1. I think we all know main street guy, or at least someone like him. He's that one friend that never get invited to parties but shows up any way.

  7. No photo suggestion credit for that amazing main street picture I made you take?! That's a thing, right? Lol