Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Yesterday I came home from work and there was enough wedding picnic crap in my house to host all of the wedding picnics Rebecca will ever have in her entire life. Skylar and Matt apparently spent the better part of an afternoon shopping for and creating decorations to fill all of the parks of Utah for this thing. I surveyed the damage, shook my head, and wondered, for the 1,000th time this week alone, how I gathered the people I have gathered into my life.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
My baby.

Cathie came over and taught me how to make pickles. If someone doesn't give this woman her own cooking show, the invention of television will have been a waste. 

Matt and I found this cool box at our favorite consignment shop.

Admiring the changing colors with Paul Cyclemon.

Mr. Pants!

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Cat dance. Thanks, Ellica.

Target employee's first five days of work. Thanks, many of you.

86-year-old woman in wheelchair has harsh words for purse thief. Thanks, Josh.

35 things to ask on a first date. Thanks, Krishelle.

Greta Friedman (iconic WWII Times Square kiss photograph) died. Thanks, Mags.

How gummy candy is made. Thanks, Jeff.

For my SLC folks, a proposal for a permanent indoor public market. Thanks, Hannah.

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  1. And what, pray tell, is your favorite consignment shop? For antiquing purposes, not stalking purposes.

    1. I like many, but my very favorite is The Old Flamingo. Matt and I keep that place in business.

  2. You can tell Cathie's pickles must be good by the pepper visible in the jars. I've been spoiled on homemade pickles, normal store bought ones aren't worth eating.

  3. Does Mr. Pants have his own sandbox???? How cool is that!

  4. Cat dance. YES. I could (probably will? Definitely will!) watch that on repeat today. Is the dude in the powder blue/orange suit Donny Osmond?!

  5. That first picture fills me with woebegoneglee and makes me woebegoneglad

  6. Hey! I saw you at Rebecca's wedding but I was too intimidated to introduce myself because your hair looked so great