Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Salt Lake City is snowmaggedon lately. E'ry day there is another 97 feet of snow that I have to go out and shovel off of my driveway. And e'ry day this takes one full hour. And this morning I had to do this with a horrible cough and a voice so deep that there are earthquakes in Djibouti every time I answer my phone.

Send help.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

First, a video. Because I love Paul Simon. Not because I'm good at this.

Thanks, Matt, for installing my new light fixture!

Because I'm worth it.

Taking a walk with Mr. Pants through Westminster campus.

My new ax.

Mr. Pants!

Matthew and puppies.

Getting ready for our New Year's party. Mr. Pants is already over it.

My never-ending brick restoration project.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My kids got me some fancy soap. Thanks, Krishelle.

The Elf recut as a thriller. Thanks, Krishelle.

52 places to go in 2017. Thanks, Michelle.

Twinkle tush. Thanks, Magan.

Simon and Garfunkel somehow sound better half a century later. Thanks, Cathie.

Mr. Congeniality here may save my back this winter. Thanks, Brad.

The photoshop troll. Thanks, Brian.

29 tips for not being an annoying tourist. Thanks, David.

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  1. I'm sorry - Utah is only 35th on the list of worst states for winter in the nation - Michigan is #2 - the only place worse in the winter in the whole freaking country is Minnesota - so unless you've moved to Minnesota - buck up buttercup!!!

  2. Oooooh I have new guitar envy! I already have an Ibanez, but I fell in love with a Cordoba crossover lately and I'm trying to justify purchasing it.

  3. I'm very impressed at the rate you can shovel 97 ft of snow!

  4. That picture of Matt napping with puppies just made my heart explode.

  5. Please do 1,000 more music videos. Thank you.

  6. Tickle Tush is totally unreal... Coffee Was Launched From The Sinuses

  7. Hahahaha! That Elf trailer reminded me of the one where The Shining is marketed as a happy family film.

    And by the way, I think you should just stop shoveling the snow and just build a tunnel through it.