Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Mr. Pants is sleeping over for a few days because Matt is going on a trip. So last night I had two dogs in my bed, which is obviously heavenly, and things were going smoothly until, right around 2:00, both of them sprung into the air like possessed demons and began howling as though our lives were about to be taken from us.

I jumped up in a panic and ran to the window, which I had left open because I do this when the weather is nice so I can tell my granola friends that I sometimes go camping. And creeping through my backyard was a raccoon that I swear to you was the size of a pony.

It was horrifying. I had never seen one in my neighborhood before. So obviously I spent the day today googling raccoons and now I know that there's a really good chance all of us are going to get rabies. So that sucks.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

Mr. Pants and I after 2 hours of Duncan jumping on us and trying to lick our faces.

Mr. Pants likes to help Skylar study.


Puppy bouquet 

Wednesday's bike ride to the top of the mountains.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

This week's rant about reality TV.

"A Cup of Coffee." A cringe-worthy 1980 film for all the Mormons out there. Thanks, Bryce.

Some awesome space photos. Thanks, Annie.

A very important product. Thanks, Meg.

A wonderfully terrible attempt at completing an agility course by a rescue dog. Thanks, Sammy.

I prefer the Malaria. Thanks, Michelle.

Cool and rare historical photos. Thanks, Krishelle.

Photos of girls going to school around the world. Thanks, Krishelle.

In honor of her birthday, some RBG quotes.

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  1. Whether the weather is nice or whether the weather is not, you should always check your spelling because bad spelling will be caught

    1. But he spelled whether correctly, as SLC can't decide whether it will be sunny or snowy this time of year. Just sayin' (Upper glorious 80s here in AZ).

  2. Isn't your house in South Salt Lake? There are tons of raccoons there! I'm surprised you haven't found one in your chimney!

    1. I'm in Sugarhouse. One of my coworkers lives down the street from me and he had some problems last year but I just always kind of thought he was messing with me because I had never seen one.

    2. I literally get eleventy billion phone calls a day from people in the Salt Lake Valley who have raccoons stuck in their chimneys. No where else...not any of the other surrounding areas, just Salt Lake. Simple solution, light a really big fire, mmmmm roasted raccoon.

  3. It seems Skylar is always reading that book but never gets further than the first few pages.

    1. Well, he has several of them and they all look the same. So who knows.

  4. I expected to see a picture of your bike with a puppy basket. Tell me, is this in the works?

  5. I love Duncan's little bandana but think he might need a bow tie for Easter, because bow ties. In fact, all the puppies might need one. #dadsalawyer #bowtiesrock

    1. I got excited thinking you were about to quote Doctor Who #bowtiesarecool Maybe Duncan could also get a fez.

  6. #squadgoals #bouquetgoals is all I have to say.

  7. I still can't handle the cuteness of that bunch of pups.

    I was housesitting at my mom's one weekend. I'm standing in the kitchen and I hear the doggie door kind of slap closed, which is odd because both of my mom's dogs were asleep like 10 feet away. Those dogs are completely useless, because they slept through a freaking RACCOON coming in through the doggie door. It made a hasty retreat when I caught it. The dogs never woke up. Or, more likely, they pretended to be asleep so they wouldn't have to deal with it because they are even more lazy than me.

  8. cute pups, great photo of the mountains, raccoons are smart maybe sleep with your window closed so you don't get rabies.
    oh my goodness that 1980s cup of coffee movie, a real nail biter to be sure.
    I'm not Mormon but my Mormon friends approve of me enjoying your blog so much. I can't wait to talk about the film over coffee with them Monday. :P