Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I have a work thing this week in Chicago, or as Bob and Cathie like to call it "DON'T GET MURDERED." I'm staying with my childhood best friend Sam. He's an orthodontist and apparently they get up at negative elventy o' clock in the morning for work because he was long gone by the time I rolled out of bed.

I realized that I had totally forgotten to pack my computer charger and underwear when I got out of the shower and tried to get dressed and quickly finish drafting something that needed to be filed in court today. And so, totally unfamiliar with the city and desperately wanting not to get murdered because then Bob and Cathie would be all like "SEE WE TOLD YOU" and that would be super annoying, I ventured out onto the streets.

Thirty minutes later I found a store that sold both a universal charger AND underwear.

Checkout Woman: 9:00 AM and you out buyin' underwear and chargers.

Eli: And I found both in the same store! It's a Halloween miracle!

Checkout Woman: We have fresh-baked goods, too, if you're looking for breakfast.

Eli: Shut up. You had me at hello.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

Fall time with Hannah Rose

My table is ready for Halloween.

Same, pumpkin. Same. 

Salt Lake City from my office window.


The siblings.

Princess and the Pea.


Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

I don't even know. Thanks, Ellica.

People matching artworks. Thanks, Tyler.

A terrible roommate. Thanks, many of you.

For all the grammar nerds. Thanks, Mimi.

I hate this more than I hate anything. Thanks, Krishelle.

Les Mis in 3 minutes. Thanks, Derrick.

Then there's this one.

The missing cat. Thanks, Lisa.

Airbnb hosts share their horror stories. Thanks, Bre.

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  1. Yes,it’s me, Amy Rose. Yes, I will be posting as Anonymous from now on. So yes,i could be anyone at anytime,anywhere. Let that sink in and chill you. Wait, suddenly I feel like I am writing a horror novel. Where was I? What were we talking about? So glad you didn’t get murdered. Better luck next time, Chicago, hah! (Oh, is this not an appropriate time for trash talking?) Amy Rose, out. (Whoa, there is something about posting anonymously that does make me feel sassy. Was I always this sassy?)

    1. Pssst, Amy Rose, if you say your name it's no longer anonymous.

    2. Wait, so does commenting work for us again if we do it anonymously?? Michelle Collett is going to try it.

    3. Oh my goodness. Why?! Does this mean Eli has blocked us, Amy??? Because my anonymous one totally went through, but when I tried with my google account it didn’t work, just like it hasn’t for a week or so!

    4. Amy Rose to Michelle Collett- don’t try to put me back on the conspiracy wagon. Or if you do, let’s call it “blogger has it in for us”. I am so glad we found this one place on the Internet we can have conversations. And now, anonymously!! Cheers, Eli!

    5. So your comments are just disappearing? Maybe try to sign out and sign back in? That’s what IT people say every time I have any problem with anything whatsoever.

    6. Yes, but we have figured Out it isn’t just your blog. We have been unable to comment on each other’s blogs as well, and friends have had similar problems commenting on our own blogs. It seems to be a problem with being on our phones, and trying to comment as ourselves. I don’t know how to log in and out on my phone? I guess go to gmail mobile website? Meh, commenting anonymously has given me wings!!! Bet you can’t tell if this is Amy or Mimi- Hah, we have gotten that our whole lives.

    7. Hey! We can comment as ourselves again, Amy!

  2. My city! I hope we don’t murder you!

  3. Too bad Christine couldn't make it for the sibling photo...

    1. LOVE.

      Welcome to Chicago. Should have come last weekend. Much better weather.

  4. I literally just listened to a story on NPR about Chicago's gun violence problem while I was getting ready for work this morning. You're probably going to get shot in the face, sorry about that.

  5. Chicago is the best! We just pretend the murder thing isn't's working out great!

  6. I don't know if you had the same parents I had but mine would be like "If you get yourself murdered, don't come running and crying to us."

  7. I might be going to Chicago in March for a conference! Let me know what the best "not getting murdered" techniques for the city are!

  8. KNOBHEADS. Let's make that a thing! This is a particularly good batch. :)

  9. Didn’t realize the distribution center sells laptop chargers, good to know!