Friday, March 1, 2019

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Hey look! Another Pictures & Distractions! Someone give me a baby because I am RESPONSIBLE.

We are in Santa Barbara. Skylar has spring break. Did I think my vacation schedule would revolve around spring break in my mid-thirties? No, I did not.

For about the first year of dating Skylar, the poor thing was working in Santa Barbara. He would come to Salt Lake City on the weekends and then stay in Santa Barbara during the week. He couldn't even keep a straight face every Monday morning when he looked me in the eyes and said, "I really wish I didn't have to go." He didn't think I was watching him from the front window literally skip to the Uber that took him to the airport. He had to order an Uber because I refused to give him a ride. I was not interested in enabling his lifestyle.

He wanted to come to Santa Barbara for spring break, I guess to visit all of his old lovers. Or, as he calls them, "bakeries." Seriously. I'ma be 600 pounds by the end of this week.

We found the most wonderful Airbnb on the edge of town. Pictures below. I may have uploaded some twice. And I didn't bother cleaning up before taking them. It's been a long day.

Please enjoy this week's Pictures & Distractions:

Also, hi Matt and Ollie Pants!
Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Hey, Meg, Rebbie, and I are recapping Utah's terrible knockoff of the Bachelor. 

And this is our recap of episode 2.

Also, are you guys listening to Hive Mind? Because we are still there screaming about the Oscars.

The Onion. And every house in Utah in the 90s. Thanks, Michael.

Interesting NPR article about "green" childhoods. Thanks, Sara.

Learning to knit! Thanks, Tessa.

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  1. What's that green stuff that can be seen from the deck?

    1. I've seen pictures of that stuff online. I came to the conclusion that snow is green in some parts of the world. Seems dangerous to me.

    2. Might be toxic!

      Be safe Eli and Skylar!

  2. Santa Barbara is home to my favorite surfboard company, Channel Islands. And I love that it's a short drive from Solvang, because who doesn't want to visit a fairy tale looking Danish village in the middle of the California countryside? You are also about an hour+ drive from Pismo beach where you can actually drive out on the beach and they allow campfires and camping on the beach, it's home to my favorite photography gallery in the world, Chris Burkard Gallery. I love the central coast and I'm more than a little bit jealous right now.

  3. Amy Rose here, and I have to ask: have you seen the one where knitting kid actually learns to knit for the first time? He has a crochet one too, and I love it all so much. I hadn’t seen this one before, though so thanks for the share!!

  4. That knitting video guy is HILARIOUS! My girls and I watched his video called "Trying Japanese Snacks!" and replayed it at 2:30 like, 50 times, and laughed every time! Petition to get him to the next SLive!

  5. I needed that knitting video. Thank you.

  6. Eli, your so lucky. Maybe next time I can come with you

  7. Thank you for the link to Learning to Knit. I am now subscribed and have wasted hours of my life being entertained by this man.