Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Engagement Photos

My very talented soon-to-be brother-in-law, Brady, visited us last month. Skylar's sisters and their children came as well. For a full week, somewhere around 84 people were staying in my house. The fact that we didn't all contract meningitis was a true Pioneer Day miracle.

Brady is a photographer, and since he heard that Utah didn't have any of those, he decided to bring his camera on the trip so he could find out in person how completely unphotogenic I am.

I'm not kidding about this. It's a true curse. I should be compensated for it somehow. They should let me board planes first and skip the line at Disneyland.

It doesn't matter how I'm looking or how well-rested I am or how many times I've had the stomach flu in the last month, the moment a camera gets pointed at me I transform into Sloth from The Goonies.

Basically I'm trying to tell all of you who have never seen me in real life that I'm incredibly hot. You would totally faint if you saw me. Srsly.

Skylar doesn't understand my problem. You could snap a picture of him from a moving vehicle just after he passed out in a pool of his own vomit and it will somehow look like he's getting ready to walk the red carpet at the Oscars.

I don't understand it. It actually makes me angry. It makes me angry because it's not fair. I feel like he should have to pay more in taxes and let people cut in front of him in line at Disneyland because of it.

And if you think I'm just being crazy, I'm really not. I've had many other people in my life acknowledge my curse. When I used to be on Tinder MayItRestInPeace, I regularly had Tinder dates tell me I should pick better pictures of myself because they were surprised when I showed up not looking like Sloth. I would always be like "OMG THANKS FOR THE ADVICE I SPENT LIKE NO TIME ON MY PROFILE" but in my head I would be like "BITCH I SPENT A MONTH TRYING TO TAKE A GOOD PICTURE OF MYSELF AND THOSE ARE THE FIVE BEST PHOTOS IN EXISTENCE."

The point is, Brady had a very serious uphill battle to climb when he took me and Skylar to the top of some hill to snap some engagement photos for us.

The experience was stressful for me, mostly because about five seconds before we started, Duncan got loose and chased a motorcycle all the way down a very busy street. I set world records sprinting after him in my socks because I wasn't wearing shoes for some reason. Judge not lest ye be judged, Doodle 5:15.

Well, somewhere in the middle of my sprint I fully stepped into that quicksand from Princess Bride, except is was like a much muddier version of that quicksand and my leg went into the ground nearly up to my knee.

By the time I caught Duncan, who was quite proud of himself by the way, I was soaked in sweat, covered in dirt, and, well, I looked like Sloth from The Goonies even without a camera pointed at me.

Brady was exceptional and wonderful and we are so grateful to him because he somehow managed to take some photos of us where it doesn't look like a male model is marrying for money.

He has sent us a few so far, with some more to come. But, here's a preview.

Also, note, the main reason I chose to be gay was so one day I could switch clothes with my fiance in the middle of an engagement photo shoot.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I share your curse, friend. My husband shares it too... So basically we look like double sloth in couples photos. Be thankful you found someone without the curse... But FTR, I don't think you photo bad at all unless you look like Brad Pitt in real life then maybe you do...

  2. I don't know what anything else in this post said after I read "Doodle 5:15". 😂😂😂😂 I'm checking the Book of Doodle right now for this amazing quote but you guys both look great!

  3. That one with Duncan is super awesome. Like wrangling a small child. You guys look fabulous!

  4. Looking shaaaaahhhhpppp (that’s a very loud Boston compliment).

  5. You both look great! Brady is a fantastic photographer. Your wardrobe-based decision to become gay was solid. I wish you many years of switching outfits in Disneyland lines, where you remain in the middle because together you make an average amount of photogenic.

  6. I haven't ever met Skylar in person, but he IS insanely photogenic, and that's not fair.

    I have met you in person, and while it's true that your photos don't do you justice, I wouldn't call you unphotogenic. Just in comparison to Skylar. Also, it's not fair to those of us who already don't look great, and then the camera just accentuates all the terrible parts of us. There's a reason I never update my Facebook photo. :P

  7. Totally have the curse as well. I've also had random internet dates tell me "you're so much prettier in person". Thanks????

    I may just not be very observant but I think you look like your photos, I don't see you in person that often, but I've never had the thought that you look better in person, you look like you (and that is no indicator that I think you resemble Sloth).

    My faves are the 1st and Last one.

  8. Best engagement photos I've seen in a long time. I mean there isn't a single gatuitous flaunting the ring shot, or that horrible awkward shot with one person wrapping their arm around the other person's neck and leaning over their shoulder, or a piggyback ride shot. Please tell me there was at least one super cheesy photo to make everyone else feel better about their engagement photos.

  9. Gotta say...the pictures are wonderful. You don't look stressed, you look like a loving couple. I love it!

  10. I love the last photo but what are you reaching for?

  11. I laughed so hard at the end of this. How did I not even notice you switched clothes!? HAHA

    I concur - I saw you at City Creek one day while I was on lunch (away from my Zions tower *cough cough) and I thought you were so freaking cute. I fan-girled and couldn't say your name. I just stared like you should know me. You should remember the face of the girl that ate bologna and graham crackers as a child, Eli!

  12. Ok, GORGEOUS PHOTOS. Look at that light! And so un-cheesy! I love them. I feel like I always loose with photo shoots because I feel uncomfortable around the camera so then my husband goofs off to make me more comfortable (or maybe bc he is also uncomfortable?) so you just end up with tons of hilarious, yet unflattering photos of the both of us.

  13. I know I'm commenting this ages after you posted this, but can you please recreate your Tinder profile for us!?

  14. A little late to the party and frantically catching up before the wedding but I must say, you two are beautiful people. I am so happy you found each other and wish you all the happiness. Oh, and your little dog too.