Sunday, November 17, 2019

Real Houswives of Salt Lake City

Yesterday news broke that The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is going to be a thing and my town is losing its mind over it.

Well, good news: I found the episode synopses for the season:

Episode 1: The Real Housewives have beach day on the gorgeous banks of The Great Salt Lake.

Episode 2: Kassaddee throws a glass of horchata at Braxleee inside a Cafe Rio just after General Conference.

Episode 3: Girls' trip to Zionsss!

Episode 4: Things heat up when Makinly starts stealing customers from Erynn after finding personal empowerment at the most recent Young Living convention at The Salt Palace.

Episode 5: Jinnifer puts on a birthday party for her son Baxtee at Classic.

Episode 6: Wheeler Farm.

Episode 7: The ladies try to navigate City Creek Mall during Comic Con.

Episode 8: [Cancelled after producers determine it's too difficult to get around downtown for filming during Pride.]

Episode 9: Sarahg and Bethaxnee quarrel over whether leggings meet the modesty standards listed in For Strength of Youth while standing in line for Rattlesnake Rapids at Lagoon.

Episode 10: Brandee's husband Jason is arrested for his involvement in a pyramid scheme.

Episode 11: To get Brandee's mind off of the legal proceedings, the women head to "Disney" for their quarterly girls' trip to the popular So Cal theme park.

Episode 12: The ladies have a wild (but like so spiritual and life-changing) day at the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork.

Episode 13: Teffaghnee's gender reveal party is ruined by inversion, which blocks attendees from seeing the skydiver formation spell "little raskal" in the sky.

Episode 14: Pioneer Day is off to a rough start when Jennappee can't find her lace bonnet.

Episode 15: Kyleeee is too embarrassed to tell the others her son Wyleee got called to Albuquerque New Mexico despite putting "Chinese" under "languages" on his mission papers.

Episode 16: Kassaddee makes the difficult decision not to participate in The Manti Pageant after reports surface that the director voted for Obama.

Episode 17: The women get together to play a game of Opioid Go Fish.

Episode 18: Drama erupts at the Rose Park scrap-booking convention after the women discover Andxreagh has been using monochromatic patterned paper since at least 2014.

Episode 19: The women of RHOSLC say goodbye to their city as they collectively move their families to like such a cute neighborhood in Daybreak.

If Meg doesn't recap this crap for The Beehive when it airs I'm going to file a class action lawsuit against her.

And now, please enjoy a truly incredible story told by Shelby Hintze at Strangerville Live:

This time in Strangerville, a conversation about calling out bad behavior. And a “nice disabled girl” takes the Strangerville Live stage to talk about a time when she wasn’t so nice and what that taught her.
Nice Disabled Girl, by Shelby Hintze
Production by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Seriously choke laughing over the names! It reminds me of that video on YouTube called "Mormon Names."

    Also, a lady in my ward years ago named her baby "Monson Mahonri Moriancumr" I guess because her baby was, like, so spiritual?

  2. Brilliant! I think this may be a revelation of what's coming!

  3. I have, like, so many new baby names after reading this. THX

  4. SHOUT out to Albuquerque!!!!!!

    Love - the World's Most Okay'est Mom and Proud Resident of Albuquerque

    1. Hello fellow ABQ person! So fun to see more of us around these parts of the internet :)

  5. I have never ready anything more on point in my entire life.

  6. Well now I don't need to watch the show. And it sounded so promising.

    Eh, I'll watch it anyway for the bumped hair. Also, there's an entire essential oils subplot you didn't fully cover, so I guess it won't be a complete waste of time.

  7. I learned just last week that Utah Mormons are the main reason that white Americans have weird names. When my first Mormon friend had her first baby, I just assumed she was super weird. When all her babies had weird names, that just confirmed her particular weirdness. Now I can see the influence of generations of BYU.

  8. Speaking of horrible Utah name spellings. I met a Schown yesterday, pronounced Sean. We are the worst.

  9. Bahaha love the names! I think there also might be an episode where Teffaghnee gets upset with Kyleee and douses her in essential oils at the annual convention. To Teffaghnee's demise, us skeptics are proven wrong when it cures Kyleee's cancer.