Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Top Ten Posts of 2019

I started this tradition a few years ago and I've enjoyed taking the walk down memory lane so I always look forward to it now. These are the top ten most trafficked Stranger posts from 2019. Thanks for making this year so fun, thoughtful, and a little strange with me.

Duncan thanks you, too.

10. Neck Pillow

It was one of the worst flights I've ever had. I was seated next to a couple that was, well, very interested in reading.

9. The Mormon Coffee Rumor

Meg so badly wanted to believe there was going to be an announcement from the pulpit about Mormons and coffee. I was less than supportive.

8. Vows. Alternative Title: Ugly-Crying in Front of a Lot of People

I shared with you written vows from both me and Skylar, which we read to one another in the pouring rain on truly the best day of my life.

7. Conversion Therapy

I still have no idea how this is allowed to happen anywhere. I wrote about the practice of trying to get children to change their sexual orientation and what that can do to a person.

6. To Be Seen

I was sort of having a rough week when I wrote it. I got thinking about how we often have no idea what kinds of struggles a person might be going through.

5. The College Scam Details Are AMAZING

Poor Aunt Becky.

4. From Tinder to Temple

It's easily my favorite story I've shared on Strangerville Live--it's the story of my first date with Skylar.

3. I really can't go back to the gym again. For real this time.

I had a wardrobe malfunction. Now I owe NBC eleventy million dollars and a public apology.

2. Better or Worse

For the first time on Stranger I wrote a bit about my complicated relationship with religion, and why I think it's not helpful to have an overly-simplistic view of what religion offers.

1. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

News broke that this show will be happening so I wrote some episode synopsies.

I also wrote some articles for The Beehive this year. You should go check those out HERE if you haven't already. If for no other reason take a look at them for the pretty artwork The Beehive's exceptionally-talented graphic designer created for each piece.

Merry Christmas!

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. This was a good year in the Strangerverse. Thank you for keeping me entertained and keeping me thinking!

  2. Among all these posts, ''Better or Worse'' is my favorite one. Though, there are some posts in this list, which I haven't read yet.