Sunday, February 7, 2021

Just In Case Cookies

A few weeks ago @gimmeplants on Twitter posted a picture of an absolute abomination called "Just In Case Cookies." We talked about it on Strangerville last week. If you haven't read this recipe or heard the Strangerville episode yet, you absolutely should:

Here's the full picture for easier reading:

I am obsessed with Just In Case Cookies. They are living rent free in every part of my brain right now. Not even rent free. I'm paying them to be there. They keep threatening to move across town into something newer and in a neighborhood with other kids their kids can play with so I may have to chain them down and feed them through a slot in the door.

The idea that you can just grab any old slop in your kitchen, mix it with butter and other slop from your kitchen, and then expect this to turn into "always edible" cookies is honestly incredible. I want to know every single iteration of this monstrosity that has been attempted by anyone ever.

Well, obviously I realized I had to make them and feed them to Skylar. True to the spirit of the recipe, I did not go shopping before doing this. I just opened my pantry and grabbed whatever was available. And I filmed a video of it.

I had initially planned to just share this on our Patreon but I thought I'd post it here. Going forward I plan to post occasional ridiculous content like that there, so if you're interested, please go check us out.

Next, I need to share some news with you and I need you all to be calm while you read this:

I'm honestly kind of scared to tell you this, but I feel like I need to start preparing you now. I am going to be moving away from Blogger very soon. DON'T PANIC EVERYTHING IS FINE. I've been needing to move from blogger for a long time because it's not 2006 anymore and because I need this site to be substantially more functional than it currently is.

I have an incredibly talented web designer and artist currently working on building a site and moving all Stranger content to it. I found him on Twitter and I'm now obsessed with him. Look at this thing he made!

I know everything probably isn't about me, but the fact that he chose that song is obviously the universe communicating that Chris and I are supposed to be in one another's lives for all time.

Considering the above, of course I immediately begged him to become Stranger's resident web designer and artist and he agreed. He's been working on building a site for us that will have the classic Stranger feel but with a much better functionality.

After the initial shock of change, I think you are going to like it. And if you don't, just pretend you do because I'm very fragile.


You'll finally be able to like comments. In fact, commenting and interacting here will be much much smoother and easier. I know a huge part of the Strangerverse for many of you is the community. We are going to make that community more reachable for everyone.

The site will be much easier to navigate and find content.

I'm going to be able to publish the types of feature articles I've been doing on The Beehive directly on Stranger instead so you don't have to go to different sites to find things. I'm also going to start publishing really fun articles and stories from other funny people who contribute to Strangerville and you'll be able to find all of those things in part of the site. Stranger historically has been a place for my daily blogging--now it will be that plus a place for great storytelling from really talented people.

All Strangerville podcast and live show content will be easier to access and navigate.

The regular blogging you're used to me doing will continue to happen, uninterrupted. The daily-ish blog content will look relatively similar to what you're used to, with vertical scrolling through posts.

We'll still be at the same web address. All links to older things will remain the same so if you have Stranger stuff saved anywhere, you won't need to update it. All links will be directed to the right place. You'll still access the content the same way--it will just look a little different.

I'm not rebranding, so you'll still land on a page with the Stranger and Strangerville logos and tone you're used to.



Honestly, no one here is more terrified than change than me. Chris understands that and I can promise you what he's doing is actually really lovely. He keeps sending me updates and links to scroll through how things are looking (it honestly feels like building a house and occasionally walking through it to check the process). Every time I go to check it out, I expect to be very upset but it really does feel lovely and familiar and homey. I hope you'll feel the same way. 

This very stupid site has been so valuable to me for the last decade and a half largely because of you. I'm so excited to finally update it and make it a more comfortable landing place for all of us.

Sincerely, thank you for all of your incredible support over the years. I'm super excited to bring Stranger well into the 20th century (not a typo).

Finally, please enjoy this week's Strangerville:

This time in Strangerville, Meg’s children thinks she might be having an affair with Eli, why do people work so much?, and Eli recounts a memory of seeing locals show up on early reality television programs.


Utah’s Reality Pioneers, by Eli McCann (music by Loco)

Production by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I know I very recently teased you to never leave. Blogger but I’m actually quite excited. Thank you for hiring a designer to build a custom site! That’s how to do it.

  2. Is it weird that I’m excited for the change?

  3. My grandma used to make my mom's family "leftover casserole" for dinner on Friday nights. Literally all the week's leftovers, stirred into one dish, sprinkled with cheese, and baked. My mom was so traumatized by it that when I was growing up, we NEVER ate leftovers. Ever. We did eat a lot of cereal and toast for dinner though, which now that I think about it is probs why my kids have never and will never have cereal for dinner. Transitional parenting is fun!

    Also, is the new blog still going to be accessible and functional on my phone? My phone is the only place I ever read the blog from. Don't mess up a good thing!

    1. I served and LDS mission and in the Training Center in Argentina they did the same thing. By the end of nine weeks some of the missionaries literally prayed that they wouldn’t serve it to us that week because they couldn’t handle it anymore.

    2. The phone issue is my concern as well. I've got an old phone with an outdated browser, and none of the fancy new sites (e.g., The Beehive) work on it. Whenever a website tells me that they're having a great new update that won't affect functionality, I know I won't be able to read it on my phone any more, which often means I'm going to stop reading it altogether.

  4. I hate change, but I am also hoping that the new site will finally have links to the stories for the "Tellin' It Like It Is" Award Winners.

    It has been -40 here for about a week and I have delayed getting groceries, so this might be a good time to try some Just In Case cookie with the oddities left in my pantry/fridge.

  5. You have a perfect opportunity here to hunt down the author of "Just in Case Cookies" on your show--his name is right there on the page. Can't be too hard to find. This would be GREAT podcast material for all of us!

  6. I am SHOCKED that those cookies tasted okay. Hahahaha! This whole saga reminds me of a wild recipe I got from a woman in a Facebook group a couple of years ago, for cookies that are like energy bars and can be made with literally any combination of regular cookie ingredients. Cream cheese OR butter OR coconut oil for the fat, wheat germ or regular flour or oats...and it's a GIANT batch and uses 6 eggs. Hahaha! I emailed it to you if you care to read it. Super excited for the new blog and easier commenting!!