Friday, February 15, 2013

Pictures from My Phone & Weekly Distractions

Thanks for the great week, strangers. This morning I woke up to one new couchsurfer request on, with the following message:

Hi Eli,

I'm hoping that a friend and I can surf your couch this April if it's available. We're really hoping to go on this trip, and you seem like a totally great host!

A few things:

We can bring a large dog for you and your friends to BBQ. Want us to bring any special sauce?

We're happy to bring you and your roommate some lice shampoo. Do you have a brand preference? I'm happy to get you some name brand stuff, maybe Rit?

We're also totally fine with the 7 pm curfew and 5 am Bible studies. We're early to bed/early to rise kind of people.

We also love kids! If you have kids we would love to play with them while you're at work. Maybe if there's a kids there we can take it with us to do things with him/her like clean stables and walk your products to market.

We're also open to all Palau has to offer, and if that includes a crime scene in your house, we're all for that!

While we're very open minded and very excited for this trip we do feel that we must be fort coming with you about one minor issue. We're German and we expect A LOT! So let me know if your couch is available!

Love always,

PS, Stranger is my favorite thing in life

Courtney. You can TOTALLY stay at my place. Twice up the barrel, once down the side.

And now, pictures:

Boating through the beautiful Rock Islands on our way to a nice long day on the beach.

This is the sort of lagoon-like area we played at all day last Saturday. This is also the spot that the sea snake was spotted. So this place is basically Hell.

The middle of a VERY intense volley ball tournament.

My team, "Team Sea Snake," in a very controversial move was declared the volley ball champions of the day. This was almost the cause World War III.

Daniel, still in the water after seeing the sea snake. Bless his confused little soul.

And you thought you were going to go a Friday without seeing a picture of food from me. WRONG. We made home-made pizza from scratch. And it was heavenly. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Awkward Valentine's Day pictures. Thanks, Jen. You always come through for us.

Incredible pictures of the sun (the rumored residence of the Q of C herself).

10 brutally honest Valentines from kids. Thanks, Tyson.

And while we're on the topic, today is the last day to submit your tacky self-centered Valentines.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Courtney didn't mention if she is okay with farm work and chores. It's nice of you to offer an allowance for that, though.

  2. Palau is so beautiful....and it would take more than one silly sea snake to chase me out of that beautifully serene azure water. I don't need a couch, Eli...I would sleep in your stable with the horses. Or in the front yard. Whatever. You do realize you live in Heaven, right?

  3. thank you for being the awesomeness that you are :)

  4. Twice up the barrel and once down the side!! Ha ha ha, thanks for the smiles every morning!

  5. 1. Even the threat of death by sea snake would not make me get out of that amazing looking water. Oh my goodness, so jealous!

    2. Those Awkward Valentine's Day pictures are SO disturbing and hilarious. I wonder how horrified the people in those pictures are when they look at them now.

  6. Thanks to your influence, I used the statement "twice up the barrel, and once down the side" in a staff meeting with the executive director. I hope I still have a job on Monday…

  7. I'm coming to Palau RIGHT. NOW!

  8. Just a heads up, I've totally used twice up the barrel once down the side at least twice in completely appropriate situations. So maybe people just assume that its a common saying that they haven't heard and so don't want to say anything in order to avoid sounding uncultured. OR after so long of me quoting you, my friends will finally lash out, "Melissa! No one even knows what your saying!!! What is with the barrel??? one eyed Wendy?? we don't even know a Wendy! And this Daniel character too! We don't know who YOU are any more." And as they walk away I'll be trying to I've tried to get them to read Stranger but they just won't listen... So anyways, your great. Thanks so much for making my life better.

  9. Can you give us the actually definition of "Twice up the barrel, once down the side?" I would really love to be able to use it in everyday conversation, but I am not sure where to put it?

  10. I am crying over those Valentine cards! I have received so many wonderful cards from my daughters over the years, but none thanking me for feeding them so they wouldn't die. It's like they expect it or something. BTW, if you ever want a couch to surf while in the Mobile, AL area, you are welcome anytime! I think that I may have to be hospitalized afterwards from laughing so much, but it would be worth it!

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