Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pictures & Weekly Distractions

Happy Independence Day, Strangers. I hope you all had a good one without me. Thanks for the invite to your parties, by the way. Sorry I couldn't make it. I had to spend the day by myself crying in my apartment and writing in my journal to the sounds of Norah Jones in the background.

I hope all you fellow Americans celebrated well this week. Our country is pretty awesome.

And now, your pictures and distractions:

This came in the mail a few days ago from "The Q of C Headquarters." When I tried to take it to the FBI, they just got really freaked out and told me they couldn't get involved.
Hanging out on the beach at sunset.
So I just found this lovely picture in my camera. Hmm . . . whose finger-length toes could those be?
Oh good. Palau got lettuce this week.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

What would happen if all of the world's cats suddenly vanished. Thanks, Chris.

Death by kitten tee. Thanks, Rebecca.

This is what we call a bad day on the job. Thanks, Brian.

Infographic to help explain just how murderous cats actually are. Thanks, Hollie.

Leotrix has been trying to get me to buy this book for weeks. MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES, LEOTRIX. Thanks, Sarah.

The absolute worst way to die. I think this thing might be what the Q of C looks like without its mask. Thanks, Clinton.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I so look forward to these distracting posts! Thanks!

  2. I loved the first distracting post! That website had another distracting post that you might like:

    9 Nastiest Things in Your Supermarket

    Time to start counting your blessings! Hooray for good lettuce!

  3. and I thought my life was depressing...that toe picture, well, I'm glad I'm not him.

  4. To whomever that toe belongs to (Daniel is my guess): get some tea tree oil and start treating that toe ASAP. If tea tree oil is not available in Palau, use Vick's Vapor Rub (must be Vick's) or antifungal ointment. Good luck, and God bless. :-)

  5. I think Daniel is flipping you off WITH HIS TOE!!

  6. I too am temporarily alone on an island. A gecko just molested a sock right in front of me but I'm too sweaty to do anything *Salem the cat cry*

  7. Just think how awesome next 4th of July is going to be when you're back in the good ol' US of A.

  8. The infographic on murderous cats is originally from here: Let's make sure the talent behind the funny gets full credit. :)

  9. I remember a few years back when I heard on the radio that a Cassowary was loose in Orem. Maybe it was just the q of c.
    Look, it really happened:

  10. Am I the only one wondering where the 5th toe is?!? Those toes are creepier than the Q of C....sorry creepy toe owner.

  11. Eli, you've got to see this cat world for sale!Just $47.99 plus FREE SHIPPING! That's down from $150! Hurry only 7 left in stock! Hahaha, oh the things people will sell.
    p.s. I think they forgot Palau :/

  12. Thanks for the shout out, Eli.