Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Happy weekend. I had a bit of a panic attack this afternoon. I was sitting in my office when suddenly I noticed a brown paper bag on my windowsill. I was certain I didn't put it there. Naturally, I assumed that it had inside of it:

A. A dead rat.

B. A bomb.

C. Poop.

It took me nearly ten minutes to work up the courage to look inside. I swear to you, I thought I had a 50% chance of losing my life over this.

What was in the bag? Bananas. You guys. I need to get some rest. Or start doing drugs. Whichever is easier.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:

Another gratuitous selfie with Hannah at Lagoon to add to your collection. 

The view from last week's "camping."
We heard that Lagoon employee say "sorry if you die" just as they took off. 

Stranger Picture of the Week
The Q of C terrorizes Goodwill. Thanks, Melinda.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Notes from management to Shane. Thanks, Kim.

$31,000 raised through Kickstarter to make potato salad. Thanks, The Suzzzz.

"Hey" cats. Thanks, Brittany.

25 of the most creative statues in the world. Thanks, Francie.

A joke only Strangers could understand. Thanks, Amy.

Jurassic Park theme performed by goats. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thanks, Sadie.

Just when you thought the Snuggie couldn't get better. Thanks, Brice.

Creepy things cats do but performed by humans. Thanks, Judy.

Creative comforters. Thanks, Angela.

How to appear smart during meetings. Thanks, Jennifer.

Funny tweets from parents. Thanks, Magan.

If you would like to have something included on Pictures and Distractions, please email me at

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I love that ride!

    So maybe marry Hannah? I'd send a card.

    1. Yeah, when are you 2 going to get together? And more importantly...who left a bag of banana's in your office?!!?!?

  2. I think Hannah is about the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Which I only noticed AFTER I got past your dazzling hair and handsomeness-osity-liciousness.

    But seriously that is one pretty girl. I'm old enough to be her...let's go with great aunt, so I'm not being too creepy by saying that.

  3. I don't like Jet Star, and that's my thought when I ride that ride. "I'm going to be mad if I die. My house is messy and I'd miss the next Stranger post."

  4. I think you and Hannah look like the perfect couple… like you could be on People as one of the most amazing couples of the year. Then next year you could be on Star magazine as a couple "on the rocks" … then you could be back on people explaining why things didn't work out, but you wouldn't sully yourself with giving Star the interview even though they broke the story. Just sayin

    1. Will you please write me a letter of recommendation? And my life story?

  5. What I love is that before, everyone was like "marry Jolyn, just marry her", and now, they all hate Jolyn and want you to marry Hannah. Gosh, we move on so quickly! :p

    1. Don't forget--there was also a Rebecca era.

    2. Obviously Cathie has gotten to us all and we just want you to get married AND MAKE US SOME GRANDBABIES OKAY!?

    3. amy is right. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER ELI

    4. I'm just going to assume from now on that every anonymous comment is from Cathie herself.

  6. Oh, yes. Can't forget Ms. Living-In-Sin! How many times have we changed girls for Eli to marry in the last six months, I wonder? :p

  7. This is the strangest blog I've ever read, but yet, so compelling. I spent a good hour reading Snuggie texts, texts with random strangers, and the Q of C.

    What got me here is also strange. I was watching this Japanese TV show that documents the daily lives of Japanese housewives living overseas. One of the stories is about Kaoru, a housewife who lives in Palau.

    I thought the lifestyle and culture there seemed so odd that out of curiosity I googled "daily lives of Palau locals." One of the result hits was your post about a mutant rat that broken into your Palau home for some discarded chocolate cake. Google takes us to such wondrous places on the internet.

  8. I think you would look fabulous with just about anyone, especially Hannah because I knew her way back when and she's super duper sweet, but I also think you would look amazing with someone with just as equally amazing Disney Prince hair. I'm not making any accusations or anything but I just want you to know that you still have a fan if you marry Hannah or Charming :D You would make a great match with anyone!