Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I got four voicemails within five minutes from Rebecca the other day. Each said roughly the same thing: "HELP! EMERGENCY! WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING! I'M NOT SAFE!"

I had mixed feelings. There was a little "boy who cried wolf" going on because of the time when Rebecca told me she was "getting attacked in the streets." But also, she's living in Paris, and with each voicemail, the entire plot of Taken ran through my mind. So I called her back.

Rebecca: Hello?


Rebecca: Is this a Taken thing? Because I'm not actually in danger.

Eli: But the voicemails?!

Rebecca: Oh. I was just walking home from somewhere and wanted someone to talk to.

In some ways I want to kill Rebecca. In other ways, she is just me in a woman body. And this confuses me.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:

Ms. Hannah Rose, flying.

My apartment is clean. I took this picture to prove it because it may never happen again.

A page from my childhood journal.

The Mormon Conference Center in Salt Lake City.

The usual crowd out at Mormon headquarters near my house passing out pamphlets that explain why all Mormons are going to Hell. 

Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Cristyn, who spotted these REAL stuffed roosters at a craft market for ONLY $200. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE!

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

How easy is it to make a hit song? Thanks, Brian.

Kids' art turned into freaky toys. Thanks, Benjamin.

Flower beards. This world is dying. Thanks, Jessie.

Someone get me this book. NOW. Thanks, Janel.

20 European cities to visit. And L'viv made the list! Thanks, Max.

Seemingly offensive cards. Thanks, Francie.

For those who hate camping. Thanks, Antoinette.

Beautiful photos of motherhood from around the world. Thanks, Paul.

30 magical photos of children playing around the world. Thanks, Krishelle.

If you would like to have something included on Pictures and Distractions, please email me at

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Your apartment is amazing, may I come live with you?? Also, I raise chickens can they come too???

  2. Awesome picture of Hannah!

    1. I love it too! It makes me feel whimsical or maybe that I'm in a sort of wormhole to childhood.

  3. Flying on the "turn of the century"...oh, be still my beating heart♡

    1. jgirl, Hannah and I believe that this is as close as you get to heaven in this world. When we're done we just get right back in line.

    2. I can go to Lagoon and just ride it over and best thing to flying! :D

  4. I also sometimes take photos of my house when it is clean. With 4 kids, it's the only way to see it all clean some days.

    And about the camping: I've always liked camping, but now that we have the said 4 kids, we've gotten a trailer. I MUCH prefer trailer camping. It's like a comprimise of home and camping. I don't do the walk to camp and sleep on the ground thing. That's crazy. I do like to sleep comfortably and get up in the morning, holding hot chocolate, and sitting by the fire in the early morning. I am NOT a morning person, but when camping I am. There is something enjoyable about a quiet early morning by the fire.

  5. I think that if your sisters really loved you they would send in a picture of the First Eye and get you a cuddly plush version for Christmas. Just a thought :)

    1. Oh, I know what Eli's getting for Christmas now! With the group around here, probably more than one.

  6. You have such a classy apartment! Love your furnishings. Also, I love Rebecca,... So hilarious. That actually sounds like something I would do.

    Country Girl's Daybook