Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Rebecca has been out of my life for two weeks now and I'M NOT PLEASED. I haven't heard much from her. But last weekend she called me at some probably illegal hour, because that's the only time she ever calls me, and left a very long and confusing voicemail in which I heard such phrases as "flood!" and "excessive water damage!" and "my hair is very pretty!" and "and don't you dare say this is a girl who cried wolf situation!"

I waited 48 hours to text her, asking if she was ok. She responded that whatever the crisis was, she got it all worked out and not to worry.

You guys. Why did it take me this many years to figure out the trick to avoiding Rebecca's disasters?

But gosh I miss her.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
"Bad Influence"

The hardest bike ride EVER from Salt Lake City to Morgan County and back.

Aspen grove from the bike.

With Matthew at a wedding. Also Sam in the background politely laughing.

Mr. Pants and his cigar. 

I have more raspberries now growing in my backyard than I can handle. Please come and eat them. ALL of you.
Stranger Picture of the Week

Michelle's cat has a death wish.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

How Frozen should have ended. Thanks, Lee.

The giant cats in Jurassic Park. Thanks, Angela.

Products you would secretly like to own. Thanks, Jen.

Stories about working in retail. Thanks, Paul.

Around the world in 80 jobs. Thanks, Paul.

The Onion felt similarly about Jurassic World as me. Thanks, Tyler.

The world's worst hats. Thanks, Joseph.

If you are not following Marnie the Dog on Instagram, you haven't yet found happiness. Thanks, Sam.

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  1. OMG...that picture of Michelle's cat makes it look like some kind of a demon. It's freaking me out.

    We miss Rebecca too. Tell her to start a blog.

  2. Now you're in for it. I might have to start driving up and down every street in Salt Lake trying to find those raspberries. Maybe I will just pick you up from work. Not that I'm a creepy stalker or anything but I love fresh raspberries and picking them reminds me of my grandma.

  3. Oh my gosh. The pictures of giant cats in Jurassic Park are hilarious!!

  4. Every one of your friends is beautiful. What is in the water in Utah!? Can I have some!?

    1. OMG I was just thinking the same thing!

      But then I thought - well of course they are - Eli is beautiful and all of the beautiful people always hang out together . . .

    2. I think so too! That Matt guy is gorgeous. Very respectfully, I noticed it's always the gay brothas that look perfect and I believe it's because they take extra care of themselves (hair, clothes, being in shape, etc). Besides the fact that some people are simply good looking.

  5. You should make raspberry jam and then immediately eat it all on homemade pancakes. You are welcome!

  6. Rebecca may or may not have cried wolf... there was flooding here in good old DC, we even got those wonderful emergency flash flood warming alerts on our phones, but at least in my part of DC (Dupont Circle), it was bright and sunny when I left work at 6pm yesterday.

  7. How many shirts do you usually wear at once?

    1. Those aren't shirts. It's actually just a really elaborate tattoo.

    2. I think Anon is referring to your gray v-neck underneath your brown button up and possibly a blue shirt but that might just be part of your brown shirt....
      OR are you saying the shirts are a part of your tattoo? Because if that's the case, mind blown and where can I get one?

  8. I think it's a precautionary measure. You know with his penchant for disrobing at every opportunity, it's probably best if he starts the day with as many layers as possible. If he still has one on by the time he's home at night, it was a good day.