Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I'm about to get on a red eye flight to NYC (prayers be with me). Matt has spent his evening wandering the valley with me collecting IKEA furniture and then putting it together in my basement (for IKEA furniture is the only furniture I can get down my 1925-era hole-in-the-wall staircase). He also forced me to participate in a family photo-shoot, for which we actually dressed up and posed in front of a professional photographer. I'm now feeding him caffeine to keep him awake so he can give me a ride to the airport. Mr. Pants is digging food out of my garbage can. I'm too tired to stop him.

Also, Rebecca just called me to tell me some absurd thing, probably about her fake gluten allergy. In the middle of the conversation she happened to disclose that she is currently in New York City (for reasons unknown). I told her I was about to catch a flight to her city and she insisted in her excited high-pitched Rebecca voice that we will be spending the morning together.

My life feels weird right now.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
Mr. Pants made a new friend! Meet Gunner.

Two pumpkins nestled between some Palauan seashells. The diversity of my dining room is so huge you can see it from space. 

I am not pleased that they started turning on the Christmas lights downtown before Halloween. 

Matt helps out John Michael on Halloween. Weird crap be happening at my house.

My new trees are finally showing their fall colors. 
Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Judy.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

My Survivor recap of the week.

A wearable futon mattress set. Thanks, Lindsey.

Chickens cluck Ironic. Shout out to the 90's. Thanks, Judy.


Most awkward moments. Thanks, Krishelle.

The problem runners have of oversharing. Thanks, Tyler.

The Night of Wererooster. Thanks, Kasie.

Hello? Thanks, Adam.

The power of Jetpacks. Thanks, Alex.

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  1. BEST SNL SKETCH EVER!!! Seriously, one of my all time favorites. Paul Simon is just amazing.

    Also I saw him in concert when he went on tour with Sting a couple years ago, and it their banter between sets was super awkward at times, and it was hysterical. Paul kept making jokes that were heavy on the innuendo and anytime he did, Sting would give him the side eye and totally ignore his comments. WHATEVER STING, DON'T PRETEND YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO LAUGH AT A LITTLE INNUENDO. If it's good enough for Paul Simon it's good enough for anyone!

  2. I'm confused about the precise nature of your feelings about Survivor. Surely you watch to mock right? But watching every episode for years and having parties seems like a lot of work for mockery. Plus I feel there is an underlying thread in your Survivor write-ups, which are awesome by the way, that maybe you secretly kind of love Survivor? I've never seen Survivor so I am trying to piece this all together, and also solve the riddle of why it's been on t.v. for a thousand years.

    1. I LOVE Survivor. LOVE it. And I love to mock every part that is worth mocking. It is an amazing show and if they ever stop making it I will be cryogenically frozen until it is returned.

  3. Ha! I got one in! Apparently that Wererooster movie is a real thing? Somebody said. But I'm sure that trailer is the best part.

  4. Is that a pope bobble head on your refrigerator?

  5. Was Matt Norman Bates dressed up like his mother? Is that what that costume is?

    1. He couldn't decide between that and RBG. So he sort of went with both.

    2. Oh my gosh the Notorious RBG, be still my beating heart!

  6. White lights on trees are pretty. I wish they'd leave them up year round!