Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

My office is a disaster right now. As a form of public shaming, Brianne will often take pictures of the mess when I've stepped out for a moment and start texting these pictures to my friends and family, asking "professional office or dorm room?"

It can be exhausting to deal with a hostile work environment.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Thanks, Adam, for capturing this very important picture of Dean Strang giving me a piggyback ride in Madison.

I came, I saw, I conquered. In three days. 

Mr. Pants helps Matt do his work.
Poor Mr. Pants.

Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Alex.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

What happens when you reply to spam email. Thanks, many of you.

Ewok dog compilation. Thanks, Melissa.

On being an adult. Thanks, Nicole.

Karaoke with Adele. Thanks, many of you.

For you Mirfandas. Thanks, Jackson.

This year's Oscar snubs. Thanks, Brandon.

A little Snape theory. Thanks, Mandy.

And how about 9 Alan Rickman roles that aren't Severus Snape. Thanks, Jamie.

Dean Strang's response that Making a Murderer unfairly omitted evidence. Thanks, Zack.

Making a Murderer Hairstyles. A thousand times YES. Thanks, Nicole.

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  1. So you included the Alan Rickman stuff as a simple way to say good-bye, rather than having to generate a whole post? I NEED to generate a whole post; I am beside myself with grief, and it doesn't make any sense. I never met the man. But I Just. Can't. Stop. Weeping. This is a bit similar to my experience with Robin William's passing. TOO SOON! TOO SOON! I can't take it. Thanks for posting crap to distract me, Eli. You're a good young man.

  2. Ohhh Lee! We're going to Canada for a wedding in April and one of my initial thoughts was: "Hey! I know a guy in Canada!" So, just in case you feel all alone in the great north, just know that a fellow stranger will soon be gracing you with their presence... at least in the same country!

    1. LOL, nice. Canada is kind of huge, which city will you be in?

    2. This reminds me of living in Ireland. Every time I was introduced to someone new they'd say "Ah yer American? That's brilliant then. I have a cousin/brother/auntie/etc in Boston, do ye know 'em?" Uh, no.

    3. Should I play the ignorant American part? "But, Canada's only like... 5 inches across on google maps!" We'll be in Montreal, which I'm sure isn't where you live so I'll be waving from across the country, eh!

    4. Ah ok. That's a 2 day drive from where I live. I'm in the dead center so I should be pretty safe from you stalking me. :D

      Montreal is a beautiful city with lots of cool "old city" areas that apparently feel very much like France. You should have a good time there. Plus our dollar sucks really bad right now so you can spend a lot of money and it won't hit your pocket book that bad.

  3. Mr. Pants really needed his ears and tail trimmed too, that's why he looks so funny. Trust me, we give Trixie a puppy cut every few months and at first they did the same thing to her and it looked brutal. Once we got them to trim the whole body she looked much better when we get her hair cut.

  4. Replies
    1. Some would argue that's not enough Toblerone.

    2. I have to agree with Karen on this one, Suzzzzzzzz. Toblerone is made by the Krapt elves, and is therefore not fit for consumption. I'm sure SOMEONE out there makes a similar (but "real" and therefore better for you) product. If I were a consumer of Toblerone, I'd have found it already. But I don't care for it, because Krapt.

  5. Oh Adele. I almost sent you that link. It's incredible. I'll be passing on another gem for next week. :D