Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

My law firm is currently the in process of moving to another building and we were supposed to pack everything in these boxes so the movers can come and move them over the weekend. Naturally I did not do this. Brianne, however, did it for me. And she was not nice about it. And she threw away some stuff that I definitely wanted to keep. And she keeps coming into my office and popping bubble wrap even though she knows I will murder her for this one day if it does not stop. But that just makes her want to do it more. Things have been very tense between us. And so in an attempt to de-escalate the situation, she has made a new rule that we have to end every conversation with mutual "I love yous." She insists on saying this as loudly as possible.

Brianne and I are a social island in this place.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Spoiler alert: it's BREAD.

Mr. Pants is up to no good!

On the campaign trail at Lagoon.

Texts with Matt.

My office didn't stay clean for very long.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Check out our newest TV & Jelly podcast episode discussing that atrocious film, The Lobster.

Chicken charms! Thanks, Judy.

Lithuania has a goat beauty pageant?! Thanks, Janel.

I think I may have shared this email scam before, but a bunch of you just sent it to me again.

Tweets about a sassy 7-year-old. Thanks, Tracy.

Funniest Brexit tweets. Thanks, Paul.

This is what the average member of Simon and Garfunkel looks like. Thanks, Meg.

An update on Adnan Syed. Thanks, many of you.

12 Olympic events you didn't know were Olympic events. Thanks, Taylor.

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  1. Yikes! I had to quickly scroll down to avoid getting a panic attack, which isn't very easy when there's a beautiful view of the mountains enticing my gaze to linger. Please tell me that your office this messy all the time. Otherwise, I may have to call social services to rescue you from such a hostile environment.

    1. That office! Brianne has my sympathies. You better tack some money to those "I love you's".

  2. A small child somewhere is rifling through their dresser wondering who took their June Snapple shirt. Whatever t-shirt size you believe you should wear, buy 3 sizes larger.

    1. Wow. Anonymous is probably actually a host on What Not to Wear, but was too humble to post under a real name. You have a celebrity here!!

    2. If you start wearing baggy shirts and clothes, we are all going to hold it against Anonymous forever. Don't mess with us Anonymous!

  3. Is there a sign up list somewhere to get on the text chains with you and Matt? If there is a limited admission number, can I please be the first person on that list?

  4. What happened to Lee?

    1. Please, PLEASE, tell me that isn't really your office and that isn't really all of your stuff! Does it always look like that?? Do you have filing cabinets for all that paper? I am finding it very hard to not buy a plane ticket and come and organize. I hope that if you tell Brianne "I love you" enough she'll make that place livable. I clearly cannot count on you to do it.

      Also, good job keeping an indoor plant alive. I have found that to be personally impossible.

  5. What does it say about me that I knew 11 of those 12 events were in the Olympics?

  6. What does it say about you, Eli, that many of your readers could plausibly believe your office is like that all the time?!