Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Mr. Pants is sleeping over at my house right now because we love each other and we don't care who knows it. Last night I tried to take him outside to "do his potties." Right when I opened the door, he looked out and saw a cat in the Perfectss''s'ses' yard and BOLTED. I'm not kidding you when I say that he ran faster than I have ever seen an animal run. And I chased him all the freaking way down the street, screaming, barefoot, and in my underwear, until I finally caught him trying to go through a fence to murder a cat. Because Mr. Pants hates cats. And loves my anxiety disorder.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
It was Matt's birthday. We made a mistake trying to take an ice cream cake hiking. 

We raise him up so he can stand on mountains.

The wildflowers in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

It may have been Matt's birthday, but I had all the puppies.
We did potties.

Some Strangers ("the Finch sisters") visited Salt Lake recently and then emailed me this picture to prove that we hung out without my even noticing! 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

I know this is hard to believe, but someone even crazier than Donald Trump is running for president. Thanks, Mary.

Netherlands parade celebrates Vincent Van Gogh in style. Thanks, Krishelle.

Woman arrested for defecating on boss's desk after winning the lottery. Thanks, Krishelle.

The 25 most inspiring Olympic moments. Thanks, Matt.

I may have shared this before, but here it is again. Dog shaming. Thanks, Brian.

Dogs and cats dressed as people 100 years ago. Thanks, Annette.

Paul Simon addresses the claims that he's retiring. PHEW. Thanks, Nicolette.

19 spoiled pets. Thanks, Cami.

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  1. I just have so many questions about how you thought the ice cream cake thing would work...

  2. So Andrew D. Basiago has my vote. We all know that Sasquatch is an endangered species. His breadth of knowledge astounds me.

  3. You and your friends are so cute. It makes me want to move to Salt Lake City and stalk you.

  4. If the US govt has time travelling abilities, and they've contacted every president since Clinton before they were elected, wouldn't that mean that our friend Andy has already been contacted if he was going to win? And if he has been contacted he should be honest with us. #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm

    1. 1. He knows he's going to win, so why the campaign?
      2. Why would the US gov't fake the moon landing but not tell us about the Mars landing?
      3. Save the dolphins.

  5. Ice cream cake is never a mistake! NEVER! Dead of winter, highest heights of mountains in summer it matters not! You just need more practice, not regret!

  6. One cannot hangout with the Finch Sisters without noticing. This was to help you remember all the fun you didn't have. But no worries, we had strange adventures aplenty in your very unique city!

  7. The Finch sisters are my new heroes.

  8. I was actually kind of disappointed to read this about the "lottery winner"

  9. Gorgeous people, gorgeous hike... It's too much. Are you sure you're not photoshopping??