Monday, September 2, 2019

Strangerhood of the Traveling Snuggie Part 1

Our Snuggie has been on an adventure. It would be rude for me to keep this to myself. Please enjoy some highlights.

Melissa, in Scituate Massachusetts. Melissa added the beautiful text to the front. She also started a travel log book for Strangers to fill out as they go.

Jocelyn took her pictures at Indian Tower in Nazareth Pennsylvania. She also added a geocaching trackable patch to the Snuggie. 

Kaitlyn wore the Snuggie in a business meeting in Winchester Massachusetts. She also added the below deco. Side note: Kaitlyn originally sent an email with only the below photo so I started to respond with something like "nice. send me a pic with you wearing it." and then I realized that this whole experience is so strange and pervy and weird and why are we doing this are we all crazy but then before I could keep going down that rabbit hole she sent me the business meeting photo and here we are.

Lori and her son Jackson did some modeling in Charlotte North Carolina, where it was reportedly 98 degrees. 

Sarah took us to Arlington Virginia and got the Snuggie involved in the Watergate scandal. 

Meghan brought us to Chesapeake Virginia

Angie, her niece Emi, and little Sadie showed off the courthouse in Forest City North Carolina.

The Snuggie continues on. It's currently making its way through part of the south. (If you are in any of the states it has visited already, don't worry. The Snuggie is bouncing around a bit. It likes the variety.)

Also, please do enjoy some Strangerville today.

This time in Strangerville, Meg and Eli discuss cold feet before marriage, Woke Twitter, and childhood anxiety. Then Eli tells a story about the worst seatmates he’s ever had on a flight.
Seatmates, by Eli McCann
Music: Write Hear Right Now, by P-C ONE
Production by Eli McCann & Meg Walter

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. I would very much like a job where they have meetings about traveling Snuggies.

    1. A meeting can be about anything, if you are bold enough to schedule it. #believeinthesnuggie

  2. I think each person ought to add a patch or a button with their location on it so we can see how many places the snuggie has been.... :)


    2. Don’t worry!!!! It has a travel log!

  3. I can’t wait to see the travel log!!

  4. I really want the backstory on why Kaitlyn edited out the people outside of the meeting!

    1. I definitely thought that there was toilet paper hanging from the door. lol This must either be a sign that I need to toilet paper someone or that I will be the victim of such an act?

  5. I am just crossing my fingers that the Snuggie gets to Nebraska before winter. COME ON SNUGGIE!

  6. If only I had procrastinated a little while longer, that email would have been priceless and cherished forever. Might have sent some very different photos. ;).

    Also, Im shocked that my photo editing skills aren’t up to snuff and you noticed I blocked out something. I wish I had something funny to say but really you could see pics of my coworkers kids but feel free to make up a better story!

    I loved this game/project/group! Thanks Eli!!!