Thursday, October 29, 2020

Tickling Texts

On Tuesday morning I woke up to something of a surprising email. I get quite a handful of emails to the Stranger account. Most of them are from you people telling me how good my hair looks and yelling at me for all the ways my recipes suck and asking if Skylar is single and stuff. 

But this one caught my eye, because, well. Just read it.

I can only assume this person emailed me specifically because he stumbled upon an old post where I exchanged emails with someone who wanted to pay me for some exchange of tickling. Presumably Jerome, whose reading comprehension is, all evidence suggests, not great, googled some string of words our mothers don't even know we know, landed on Stranger, found my email, and thought he'd give a go.

I almost deleted the email but then an hour later I was like "who am I to turn down friends?" So . . .

And all y'all y'allall, I was sent a picture I cannot unsee and which I cannot share here because this is a family show and my mother sometimes reads this site and then scolds me for swearing. Once he sent me That Picture I shut the damn thing down.

I was feeling traumatized by the time Skylar got home from the hospital/affairs.

Me: So I texted that guy from the email this morning and--


Me: Sometimes I feel like you don't know me at all.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. This blog has come a long way from those Snuggie texts 😂😂😂

  2. Yessss this made my day! Thank you for sacrificing your eyeballs for the greater good.

  3. I so incredibly needed this laugh today!

  4. Honestly now I need to see the picture because I NEED closure!!

    1. I want to see it but I want to also be able to unsee it afterwards. But yeah, I'm now going to spend too much time trying to imagine what it was/looked like.

  5. Maybe Jerome is confused about which body part is his knee?

  6. There is a documentary from 2016 called Tickled that you may want to check out. Apparently there is a whole tickling subculture, with a dark underbelly!? Lots of stellar reviews, can watch on prime or hulu. Bizarre!