Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Daniel Discovers Stranger

Daniel called me the other day. We hadn't talked for a little while. The following conversation happened.

Daniel: Eli. I canNOT believe you shared that video with people.

Eli: What video? What people? I WAS YOUNG! I NEEDED THE MONEY!

Daniel: Huh? I'm talking about the Amazing Race video.

Eli: Oh. That. You think I shouldn't have shared it?

Daniel: Eli. It was SO embarrassing.

Eli: I know. I watched it and I couldn't decide whether it was really funny or really embarrassing or both.

Daniel: Probably both. Mostly embarrassing though. But that's just because I remember how that was our third take and the first two were even more ridiculous than that one.

Eli: Well, people seemed to like it ok.

Daniel: Yeah. People who are entertained by cat videos.


Daniel: Whatever.

Eli: By the way, how did you know I shared it?

Daniel: I saw the blog post.

Eli: What blog post? I didn't know you knew what blogs were.

Daniel: The blog post on It Just Gets Stranger. Dot com.

Eli: YOU READ MY BLOG?!?!?!?!?!

Daniel: Yeah. Why?

Eli: You NEVER read my blog. I'm just . . . I'm in shock right now. I feel like the world isn't what I thought it was.

Daniel: Yeah. I read a few things. It was ok. I saw you wrote a bunch of stuff about Kurt.

Eli: I did.

Daniel: Sometimes you write embarrassing things about other people.

Eli: No. I only write nice things about other people.

Daniel: Hmm . . . so can I ask you something?

Eli: Sure.

Daniel: When we were living together in Palau, did you ever write about me?

Eli: NOPE!

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Will there be a second part to this?...if there is will you post it?

    1. I desperately hope there will not be a second part to this.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Eli, I'm so glad I can laugh at your discomfort. Better'n laughin' at mine.

      You know I mean that in the nicest way possible, right? Because I love your blog. Not just for kicks and giggles.

  2. Daniel. If you look to the left and scroll down to "labels" and click on your name...

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    2. LOL nice. I was going to say that too.

      I love these back and forth blogs you write. The banter is awesome and always good for a laugh.

    3. Yeah, Daniel. At least 74 posts in this blog mention you, which is more than Grandma, Bob and Cathie, and Siblings even. We in the Internets know about you and we adore you. Are you "creeped" out yet??

  3. Oy vey. Eli, I think you are in trouble.

  4. Eli, you must be happy right now that Daniel lives in a different state.

  5. Daniel Missed You And Wanted To See If You Like Kurt Better Than Him. Awe!

    Why The Capitalizing Every First Letter?!?!

  6. Daniel should check all the marriage proposals he didn't know he'd received.

  7. Aww, Daniel misses Eli! I'm envisioning a scene like in the movies where the two of you run towards each other in slow motion, reunited at last... except right before you go to hug him, Daniel slaps you and says "that's for making fun of my curry pancakes!"

  8. Wow. I always thought you were kidding about Daniel never reading the blog!