Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

So I'm on a layover in the Phoenix airport right now and I have a bag of Swedish Fish, because candy. And there's this guy/kid who I think is either 16 or 18 or 21 and he's one of those for sure I just don't know which and he was staring at me for a full ten minutes and it was starting to really creep me out. Actually, I just realized that I can take a secret picture of him so you can weigh in on the 16/18/21 question:

Anyway, finally he walked over to me and I thought he was going to kill me, because that's what you do after you stare at someone for ten straight minutes, but he said "excuse me. Can I have a Swedish Fish?"

So I gave him a few because I can respect any man/child who just wants candy. But now I'm realizing that this was actually very bold of him and I'm wondering when we started teaching the kids to ask for things they want because BACK IN MY DAY you didn't ask a grownup for a lifesaver if you were drowning in the ocean. AND you apologized for the inconvenience of dying in front of adults. And now I can't decide if it's good or bad that the kids are so bold these days. Assuming he's a kid. He might be 30. I can't tell how old people are anymore.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
It was Mr. Teddy Scraps's birthday this week! He turned 1!

I made zucchini lasagna from zucchini that came from my neighbor's yard. 

I had just gotten out of the shower and Mr. Pants was screaming about how my hair looked. 

With Hannah Rose at Lagoon!

Teddy loved his birthday cake.
Teddy killed it at the debate this week. (Courtesy of Matt)
Stranger Pictures of the Week
Q of C immortalized in blown glass. Thanks, Nicole.
Glee, poorly translated. Thanks, Michelle.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

This week's Survivor recap/AKA millennials are the worst.

Our newest TV & Jelly podcast episode discussing Don't Think Twice and how I sort of met a celebrity in Portland.

Matt put this slideshow together to present his remodel for an open house we did earlier this week at Broome Bungalow.

Better names for animals. Thanks, Bridge.

Do not visit North Dakota. Thanks, Darci.

This is the lasagna zucchini recipe I (roughly) used for my above creation. Thanks, Hannah Rose.

Check out Goat Man. Thanks, Lauren.

More info on airbags for cyclists. Thanks, Sarah.

Bicycles built based on people's attempts to draw them from memory. Thanks, Brian.

18 behind-the-scenes facts about The Sound of Music. Thanks, Krishelle.

Dissatisfied customer drop-kicks a custom-made cake across a grocery store. Thanks, Krishelle.

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  1. We are seriously having this exact discussion about kids talking to strangers in a class I'm teaching. My students are talking about how kids will just pop up in their yards and talk to them and they don't know who they are. I've never experienced this nor would my child do this - I've instilled enough fear into him not to. Good thing he's already afraid of clowns these days too!

    In this case - I would say this kid is solidly in his early 20s - or he could easily pass for it - I have college students who look way younger than him. I think it's odd he asked you for a few pieces of an open bag of candy - - - if it was starburst - sure - there's wrappers on those - but this entailed you touching what he then put in his mouth . . . .

  2. "... Took over the school choir fart." I couldn't have said it any better myself.

  3. Now, when you say the zucchini came from your neighbor's yard, does the neighbor *know* the zucchini came from his yard or is this your own personal Swedish fish story?

    I read the story again just the other day about the lady who bought a bag of candy and had it sitting next to her at the airport (or bus or train or whatever). The man sitting next to her put his hand in and got some. She thought that was rude. So she got some more. So he got some more and they finished off the bag of candy between them. She thought the guy had some nerve. Then she later opened her purse and found her bag of candy. Oops.

    1. I've been seeing that story shared on FB a lot lately. I remember it being a popular email forward story in 2000 or so. Now it's making the rounds again. Does this mean we've run out of stories?

    2. Also, the neighbor who stole the guy's cat had me house sit for her for a month so I took it upon myself to farm her land and take anything that looked ripe. Every time I did this I thought one of the other neighbors was going to call the police on me. But they didn't. Which makes me have less faith in my neighbors.

  4. So do your zucchini boats have cheese? Because I live in Bob's world where cheese is from the devil. And I'd love to make this without cheese.

  5. But why was Glee being translated into English? Did I miss something, was this show not in English the entire time? Did someone translate it badly into another language and then translate it back even worse?

    1. Yes. Amazingly that happens.

      If you aren't offended by some strong language, this Star Wars mistranslation will make you laugh.

  6. My husband and I were eating in a very small "diner" in a very small town in the Catskills. We were the only customers. There were two older guys behind the counter/in the kitchen, and a young kid we assumed, from their interactions, was working as their busboy/helping out. Consequently, when he came over to ask if my husband was done with his plate, which still contained a scrap or two of bacon and some pancake remnants, we thought nothing of it.....Until, after receiving an affirmative answer, the kid reached down, plucked the bacon scraps off the plate, ate them, and walked away.

  7. My guess on the age of that guy is 20? But I'm with you. He should be an actor so he can plausibly play characters of many ages.

  8. Does your neighbor know you have that zucchini?