Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

I'm in St. George for the second time in seven days because apparently I really love driving now. I have a lawyer conference here this weekend wherein I will be spending 48 hours trying very hard not to accidentally call any federal judges "dad."

Thoughts and prayers.

And now, please enjoy some Pictures & Distractions:

My favorite thing about Herminda is that she always folds the toilet paper into a triangle. It feels so fancy!

That little hedgehog is named "Hedgy" and it is Duncan's best friend. He carries Hedgy around just for the company. Anna found the two staring off into the distance on her front porch last weekend.

Lilac season is superior among seasons.

Because I don't like it when Meg does things without me, I've decided to become a birder!

Such a big day for Jessica over on the Facebooks.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

On Hive Mind we talked about Avengers Endgame.

Check out Meg's HILARIOUS piece on tuning in for the last season of GOT.

The poop knife. Thanks, Amanda.

A toddler tour guide for a trip out the front door. Thanks, Blake.

Tom Hanks acts out his entire career. Thanks, Megan.

Matt recently got me to become obsessed with the Instagram account Please Hate These Things. Thanks, Matthew.

Also, one of my new favorite podcasts, I Hate It But I Love It, where two very funny women pick apart popular movies.

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~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Hey, Eli, I was wondering if we are going to get a Strangerville episode?

  2. I love how 95% of these are pctures of Duncan (He's the cutest of all time and I want him to be mine) and the other 5% are random things. It reminds me of a perfume commercial

  3. Meg, you had me at "Iron Man makes shirts wrinkle free" <3

  4. Okay I've been binging IHIBILI since the Hive Mind podcast came out on Wednesday and today my coworker asked if my fiance had broken up with me because I was cry-laughing so hard at their episode about Rogue One that apparently my face just totally transcended the "laughing" part. I call that total success.

  5. I’ve had actual nightmares about some of those designs (Please Hate These Things). 1. Toilet on a step 2. Two toilets in the middle of the room 3. Shower in the living room
    It’s a little unnerving to know they’re real.

  6. 1. I'm extremely upset at myself for clicking on the the poop knife link, it had my name next to it, wrong Amanda

    2. I have a huge bag of birdseed that I bought for a duck staying with me (long story). The duck has moved on to a happier home and I will never use that birdseed, attracts the voles destroying my lawn.

    Would you like it? I can drop it off, leave on porch, in the next week or two.