Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

This week I ventured off to Cleveland. Before doing so Bob and Cathie informed me that I would certainly die. I didn't take this very seriously because they always tell me these things when I go anywhere in the world (with, ironically, the exception of war-torn Ukraine, which they seem to have accepted as the safest place for me to go).

But alas. I was not killed in Cleveland. Fortunately. Or unfortunately, depending on how much you like or dislike me. I was, however, told by a woman on the street that I have "the best hair on a white boy" she's ever seen. I'm not kidding you about this. This actually happened. I thought for a second that she must have been a Stranger, but she gave no other indication that this was so. I think she just genuinely gave me the best hair compliment anyone has ever received. And I'm going to ride this high for a full decade.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:
New Edison bulb string lights for my old patio (thanks, Costco!).

Matt said he asked Mr. Pants "where's Eli?" and Ollie dropped the stick that was in his mouth, turned around, and gave Matt this look. Which just means we're in love and no one can stop us!

Summer nights with Mr. Pants.

I didn't know that Kirtland Ohio is right next to Cleveland so I took a detour and drove through it. Then I ended up on a VERY LONG tour of the historic Mormon Kirtland temple with the nicest and beardiest elderly gentleman of all time. 

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

When you give a tree an email address. Thanks, Juni.

Perspective on getting older. Thanks, Juni.

This baby freaking LOVES cats. Thanks, Stephanie.

Dramatic notes from kids at camp. Thanks, Dana.

Not recent, but a friend reminded me of it this week--Paul Simon's thoughts on Lady Gaga. Thanks, Corey.

2 shots of vodka. NOT THAT WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS. Thanks, Jared.

Dismaland: the disturbing version of The Happiest Place on Earth. Thanks, Ashley.

A Ukrainian town on the war's edge. Thanks, Jeff.

The best selfie stick. Thanks, Kimbally.

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  1. Letters from camp. Made my day.

    1. The first thing I thought when I read them was that these are exactly what young Eli McCann would send home... so I had to share them! So glad they got posted. :)

    2. And actually I've written letters very similar to these from several family reunions as an adult.

  2. Love the Paul Simon interview. He's like a politician trying to skirt the issue. In the end the answer was basically "no, I do not like Lady Gaga's music". I am with you mr. Simon...I am with you.

    1. Oh, and that baby one with the cat was good too. But what the heck is with that...I don't even know what to call it...a onesy the baby was wearing? There were no arms are legs to it. It was basically a pillow cover with a baby zipped into it.

    2. But it was the most polite way I've ever heard someone say they think another person's work is garbage. "She is successful at drawing attention as a performer. It happens to be in a way that doesn't speak to me because it lacks the storytelling and type of beauty that I value in music. But the fact that people are drawn to it is evidence that society's tastes are evolving, and that's a good thing because that evolution is ultimately what makes art develop in meaningful ways." (Paraphrasing)

    3. I believe the baby in the video is wearing a type of sleep sack, which is like a wearable alternative to a blanket for babies and toddlers. Babies can harm themselves with blankets, so people instead put their babies in sleep sacks to keep them warm at night.

    4. Lee, I think it's called a sleep sack or something to that effect. It's nice for babies who get cold at night because they roll out of their blankets. Also, it doesn't allow their arms to fall away from them as far, which will often wake a baby.

    5. Cool, I've never seen those before. My boys just did it the old way with a sleeper and blanket if needed. Now that they're 7 and 9, they still barely use blankets in the summer because they're too hot.

  3. You should've told us all you were going to Cleveland. I would have told you to watch this video and use it as a guide for Cleveland activities. I also agree with Bob and Cathie on this one, you're lucky you weren't killed.

    1. You need to see this video too

  4. I totally want to go to Dismaland.

    And you DO have great hair.

  5. That new 'friend' selfie stick things looks amazing! Just think of how many cool things you could do with one! I gotta get me one of those