Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pictures from my Phone & Weekly Distractions

Grocery Store Woman: Hmmm . . .

Eli: What?

Grocery Store Woman: Oh. I just noticed that you are buying another 10-pound bag of peanut M&Ms.

Eli: Are you keeping track now?

Grocery Store Woman: This is your second bag this week. If you eat two ten-pound bags of peanut M&Ms every week, all year long, that amounts to 104 ten-pound bags, which means that in one year, you will have eaten 1,040 pounds of peanut M&Ms. Can you even imagine what 1,040 pounds of peanut M&Ms looks like?!

Eli: I hate myself.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:
Wandering a reggae concert atop a Park City Mountain with the ever lovely Kate. 

Mr. Teddy Scraps and I watched a movie together like this. It was date night. By the way, Mr. Scraps now has his own Instagram account. Follow him at mr_teddy_scraps.

Mr. Pants was so tired after helping me make omelets on Sunday morning. Also, cue all of the comments about how my shirt is at least two sizes too small. NSFW.

Mr. Pants snuggle time!

Mr. Pants and I were engaged in a very lively debate about politics. 

Recording a story from the ever hysterical Meg Walter (host of TV & Jelly) for an upcoming episode of Strangerville.

Stranger Picture of the Week
Thanks, Bethany, for this very important find. Bethany wrote "Found this at the library in the kids' section!!!! I guess this isn't even America anymore!"

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Check out my Survivor recap this week at TV & Jelly.

So your cat wants a massage. Thanks Brittany.

Donald Trump debates himself. Thanks, Larry.

For fans of Stephen King's IT. Thanks, Krishelle.

Utah's legislators apparently don't care that we are all dying. If you live here, you can help make sure they understand this whole air thing kind of matters. Thanks, Abram.

8 disturbing mysteries in Utah that will leave you baffled. Thanks, Tyler.

What's in the $200,000 Oscars gift bags. Thanks, Sam.

Ellen in Adele's ear. Thanks, Kat.

A scathing review of Fuller House, which you will watch from beginning to end no matter how terrible it most definitely is. Thanks, Adam.

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  1. So...when do we get to buy shirts? (And the voting was closed by the time I saw the poll so my votes are "I guess this isn't even America anymore" and "And I don't even say y'all" - which being from South Carolina makes it a blatant lie.)

  2. I hate judgmental checkout people. A couple of weeks ago this cashier was having a lively discussion with the woman in front of me about how it's awful how much processed food parents buy for their kids. I was standing four feet away with five lunchables in my cart for my son's school lunches. I'm sorry - I'm a working mom and I'm doing the best I can! hashtagdontjudgeme

    Speaking of hashtag - there was an episode of Grandfathered last week in which Jimmy (John Stamos) was told that you're not supposed to spell out hashtag and it made me think of you. My husband thought it was hilarious and swears he's only going to spell it out from now on. Also - how does John Stamos get hotter every year? It's like he's defying the laws of physics and time. His hair is almost as good as yours! hashtagunclejesse hashtaghewillalwaysbeblackietome

    1. I'm judging you right now.

    2. Lee - I accept that I'll never be good enough in your eyes.

    3. I'm a stay at home mom and give my daughter lunchables sometimes. Most days, she wants the cafeteria food (it's actually pretty good at her school,) but there are times when I just can't be bothered with making sandwiches, etc., so a Lunchable it is. We all do the best that we can. I always tell people, "You can screw up your kids the way you want, and I'll screw up mine the way I want. It doesn't matter, they're all going to wind up on a couch (or a blog) complaining about us anyway."

    4. HashtagNoJudgmentWe'reAllGodsCreaturesButI'mStillKindOfJudging...

    5. Here's a fun spin on lunchables :) my kids love these.

  3. I know we joke about this a lot but your hair actually does look extra super fly this week.

    1. You do know that his hair is just a metal wig he wears on his head right? I mean look at it, it never moves, it's just adds up. I'm sure he's actually bald under that metal wig.

    2. It's like he's Mitt Romney in training.

  4. Too many m&m = shirt being two sizes two small?

  5. Oh Adele. I need more Adele. Keep giving me more Adele.

  6. Those grocery store clerks...they can be so presumptuous. Not four days ago, I had one point to the pregnancy test I was buying (the one I'd bought bread and eggs and juice to try and cover ladies know what I'm talkin bout) and ask "what are you hoping for?" I pointed to the five month old strapped to my chest and said "ill give you three guesses and the first two don't count."

    I didn't tell her my husband had gotten a vasectomy three months earlier, that woulda made it just too easy for her to guess - woulda taken the fun right out of it.

  7. My brother subsisted for years on peanut m&m's and managed to make it to his 40's! And he's never run a marathon, much less done TWO Ironman Challenges!

    That being said, Eli, watch the episode of Modern Family where Lily turns 8, and you'll probably start buying clothes that FIT you. ;)

    1. Emelle, I was wondering which episode you were talking about until I saw it last night with my wife (we're always a week behind). That was SO FUNNY when the little girl points out that his shirt is too tight and he keeps trying to cover it up. Totally Eli.

  8. Eli, this is what the self serve check-out kiosks were invented for...well that and husbands who are embarrassed to be seen buying feminine products for their wives.