Thursday, March 5, 2020

Please turn in your keys, you're fired.

We're swamped with last-minute show panics since Strangerville Live is in about 24-ish hours from the time I'm writing these words, so I'm not putting up a Pictures & Distractions post right now. Instead I've decided to do an interpretive dance for you.

Hit it! [Someone starts playing Hold On by Wilson Phillips. Eli does an extremely impressive dance for a man of his advanced years and exceptional hair.]

You're welcome for that. Now pay me back by getting your tickets and coming to our show tomorrow (or tonight. Or yesterday. Or last week I DON'T KNOW WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO READ THIS I'M NOT PRESCIENT.)

The show is Friday night (March 6) at 8:00 at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. The venue is called Kiln. It's lovely. We'll have free snacks for you to eat or throw at us. I think there will even be soda and wine NOT THAT WE KNOW WHAT WINE IS THAT'S PROBABLY NOT WHY MY TEETH ARE RED.

Bring friends. Come have fun with us. I promise to make you laugh or cry or both or neither.*

*Offer not valid outside of Prince Edward Island

Tickets are still available at THIS LINK.

And one more special treat for you re: update on Skylar is engaging in identity theft of a multi-billion dollar airline.

I've mentioned before that Skylar got the handle "SkyWest" on Instagram so people frequently tag him in posts thinking they are tagging the airline. Skylar has typically responded to these, and his responses are never not funny.

Well, he has now taken it upon himself to start firing pilots, so if you happen to have a SkyWest cancellation in the coming weeks due to lack of personnel, you may have Skylar to blame. You know where to find him.

~It Just Gets Stranger


  1. Spelling is a classist construct, but props to Skylar for the proper use of your and you're.

    1. I would have divorced him otherwise.

    2. Now teach him when to use a comma and when not to use a comma. Not that I know what run-on sentences are, no one on the Internet does.

  2. I can't stop laughing at the thought that pilots have a key to the planes that they have to turn in when they get fired, like they're returning a rental car.

  3. We need more of these. I don't remember knowing this! It's hilarious. He's so lucky it have been stolen and sold on the dark web...

  4. Can we take a moment to acknowledge that the actual SkyWest Instagram account is PRIVATE?! Wtf is their marketing team doing over there?! 😂😂😂